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Hi, I’m Eva!

Welcome to Finding The Joy Within! I’m jumping up and down that you are here.

This space is for you:

  • If you are looking for more joy in your life.  You are tired of just going through the motions, day-in and day-out.  You want to live a full, joyful life.


  • If you are searching for encouragement on how to bring more joy in your life.


  • If you want to be a joyful momma and bring joy into your home and raise confident,  joyful children.


I truly believe that we all need 3 things in order to live a life of contentment, and deep joy.

  •  A sense of purpose – doing something you love

  •  A relationship with God – access the power of true peace and joy

  • People to love – sharing your joy with others

As a working mom of three, I know how challenging it can be to juggle it all. I want to be your cheerleader while sharing all the tips I know to live a joyful, abundant life. Are you ready?

My declarations for moms!

This declaration has completely changed my life and it can change yours as well.  Grab it here!