Never Alone – A Poem For You!

I hope that this will bring a smile to your face and remind you that no matter what is going on, you are Never Alone.  I wrote it for you! You can print a copy of Never Alone here to share with your friends or family or anyone who needs

The Absolutely Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids

So you’re looking for the absolutely best gift you can give your kids? I have just the thing. My daughter celebrated her 7th birthday today.  And like most parents, I want to give her something that she will love and get excited about.  Just like you want for your child.

A Glimmer of Grace – Postcard

Each Tuesday-ish I will post something that I hope will inspire and encourage you. I am calling it A Glimmer of Grace. Its a postcard from my heart to yours. xo Eva Please follow and like me: