1. Keris

    I love this! We are on such a similar path right now with our faith. ❤️ Not a mantra really…but what I like to do daily, and often multiple times a day- especially when I feel my anxiety, frustration, anger kick in- is to pause and to visualize all of my own thoughts/desires being removed from my mind (sometimes pushed out, sometimes thrown into a bag and tossed out; whatever works in the moment). Then, I visualize a white light opening from the crown of my head up to the heavens, and I ask the Lord to fill my mind with only His thoughts, desires, and ideas so that I may best serve Him. I am a very visual learner, and this quick exercise totally helps me get back to a positive head space, a feeling of security, and to refocus my mind on Jesus. 😊

    • FindingtheJoyWithin

      OMG, this is so me too! I love the visuals of knowing that God is with me. I really love all the things you do!! When I am feeling afraid or anxious, especially when I am driving and cars are speeding and swerving by me, I get so nervous and can feel my heart rate go up. In those situation I imagine God’s protection surrounding me like a force field. I verbally say, “this car is protected my God” and I can feel the anxiety and fear lift from me. We should definitely use this power more often. He gave us a spectacular imagination for a reason. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!!

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