Helping you keep God at the center of your life, family, career and business!

Learn sacred habits to ditch overwhelm, find joy and create a deeply meaningful life doing what you love.

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From Busy to Joyfully Productive

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Hi there, I'm Eva

If you’re ready to achieve success without the stress (yes, it’s possible!) and lean into something that aligns with your purpose while enjoying the things that matters most…..

…you’re in the right place. 

I’m your Joyful Productivity Coach

I help Christian working women, to holistically manage their time, prioritize self-care and keep God at the center of their life, family, career and business.

We focus of 5 key pillars to a joyful life: Prayer, Purpose, People, Play and Personal Self-Care

Because overwhelm is a season, not a way of life.

Welcome to your joyful life. 

"Even the loveliest of shoulders can bear but so much."

– Jill Alexander Essbaum