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“This will be the most uplifting and Jesus-affirming choice that you make…it will bring you much joy and direction in your faith…thank you many times Eva!

– Andrea

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Balancing busy

Are you too busy for the things that truly matter? Many of us are busy and feel burned out because our priorities are not aligned. No matter how hard we work, if we're not focused in the direction we want to go, we end up nowhere fast.

Intentional Living

A joyful life doesn't just happen. A strong faith doesn't just appear out of the sky. Anything worth having is worth working towards. We focus on being intentional prioritizing the things that truly matter.

Rhythms & Routines

We can't change the way we behave unless we go deeper to change our mindset. Learn how to no longer rely on your feelings but rather let your rhythms and routines guide you. We take an inside out approach to change.


Faith is the Rock on which we plan, dream and make changes. We believe in God first and everything else flows from there. Our journey to become the balanced women God calls us to be requires intentionality and realiance on His Word.

About us

Finding the Joy Within helps working Christian women create joyful rhythms, routines and habits for their home + heart so they can have time for faith, family and fun without guilt or overwhelm.

Our mission

To help Christian working women prioritize their time so they can grow in faith, and live with more joy!

Our offers

which are you?

I can't seem to find time for the things I love. I want to pray, spend quality time with my kids, see my friends and nurture my relationships. But I don't know where to start.
stuck-in-a-rut stacy
I've tried setting goals, using a planners, and other time-management tools but I can't seem to find something that I can stick to for the long haul. I need something that works for me.
My plate is SO full and I feel like I am always behind. I spend my days trying to catch up but at the end of the day, I still have so much to do. I feel like I'm on a never ending hampster wheel.
overwhelmed olivia

You probably don’t need a quiz to tell you which one you are.  You already know.  Maybe you’re one of them or all 3!

You’re so busy doing all the things but those things are leaving you overwhelmed, exhausted and burned-out.

It’s time for a change.

Hi there,

In case we haven’t met, I’m Eva, daughter of God,  and mom of 3.  I also run 1.5 businesses while working full time as an HR professional.  

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by all the things on your plate.  Not too long ago, I was exactly where you are right now.  I honestly wanted to run away because I felt like I was drowning in a sea of tasks and to-dos.

That’s why I am so passionate to share that there is a way to a more peaceful calm and joyful life and it all starts from within. 

I help working women of school-aged children, create rhythms + routines for their home + heart, so they have more ease, be more present with their families, prioritize their spiritual wellbeing and live a flexible life with less stress and guilt, even if they have a demading job. 

We focus on helping you create habits that works for this season and systems and tools to empower you from the inside out. 






GRAB "joyful home rhythms" AND START adding better rhythms and routines into your days

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