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25 Fun Ways To Memorize Scripture

It’s time to stop just reading the Bible.  It is also important to learn scripture and memorize key verses so that you can lean on them when the need arises.

This is hard to admit but the Bible has not been a big priority for me. Sure, I’ve always known that it contains words to heal and help me but it always found it kind of confusing and overwhelming.

But I now see the Bible as another step in the journey of growing closer to God. It is a way for me to have an understanding (limited though I am) of the God I love and serve.

Reading scripture can be overwhelming and confusing at times. It helps greatly to be part of a Bible group that can lead you through the scripts.  But since many of us don’t have that option right now, it is up to us to learn as much as we can.

The good news is that we all  CAN learn and memorize scripture!

Where do I even start?

So I started with the Psalms which I love but I want more.  I want to know the Bible and be able to quote it whenever I need it.  But more importantly, I want to be able to share the richness of its wisdom with others.

To throw scripture and prayers around like confetti.

I have this crazy idea to memorize as much scripture as I can.  But try as I might, I found that I was reading a verse or a Psalm and just as easily forget about it.

It just didn’t stick.  So I did some research and figured the best way to remember something is to make it relatable and FUN.

25 Fun Ways to Memorize Scripture

So without any further ado, here are 25 Fun Ways to Memorize Scripture.  Try one, two, or all 25!

  1. Imagine the words are being spoken directly to YOU.
  2. Insert your name in the verse. 
  3. Write it down.
  4. Add your verse to some post-it notes and stick it in places you look frequently.
  5. Try to associate the verse or passage with someone or something.
  6. Create a mental image of what comes to mind as you read the verses.
  7. Put the verse to song. (one of my favorite)
  8. Record yourself reading the verse on your iPhone and play it when you have a free minute.
  9. Start small.  Instead of trying to memorize an entire passage, start with just one verse at a time.
  10. Turn your verse into an artistic doodle.  (so much fun!)
  11. Use flashcards.  Write the verse on one side and the Book name and verse number on the other.
  12. Try to learn with a friend to make it even more enjoyable.
  13. Download the app Bibleme from iTunes.
  14. Translate the verse into your native language if you have a different one.
  15. Recite it daily. (while cooking, cleaning, folding laundry etc.
  16. Create a fun fill-in-the-blank game with the verse. Get the kids involved.
  17. Reward yourself when you memorize a verse (mini-dance party, a dollar in a jar)
  18. Use a verse tracker.
  19. Tell your family what you are doing and invite them to help you.
  20. What feeling does the verse address?  Fear, joy, gratitude?
  21. Be patient.  Give yourself time and grace.
  22. Try to pick a verse that relates closely to your current season. Does it relate to what you are facing now?
  23. Practice. Practice. Practice.
  24. Read the words with a funny accent. Or read it with the feeling you think the speaker would use when reciting the verse.
  25. Don’t give up! Tell God what you are trying to do and ask Him to help you.

Grab Your Download

Which one will you try first? Learning scripture can be fun and exciting if we change our perspective and do it with a joyful heart.

Be sure to grab your download so you can check them off as you try them and see which one works best.

You CAN memorize scripture and you can have fun doing it. I am so excited for you to try one or ALL of these methods. Be sure to grab all the other amazing downloads located in the Resource Library.

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