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7 Signs That You Might Be Far From God (And How To Fix Them)

Feeling like you’ve lost your joy?  It might be a sign that you need to return to God.  I believe that when God created us He left a space in our hearts that only He can fill.  Yet many of us ignore that feeling and try to satisfy it with other things.  Here are 7 Signs You Might Be Far From God and How To Fix Them.


I stood at the kitchen counter cutting up vegetables for dinner.  I had a little music on and was humming while I chopped. I felt good!

A few minutes later my husband walks into the kitchen and flicks on the second kitchen light.  It was only then that I realized, I had been cutting and cooking in the dim of one light.

When he flicked the switch all 3 lights came on and I was momentarily stunned by the brightness in the room.

Before he came along, I was fine. I could certainly see.  In fact, I could cut veggies and do everything I needed to make dinner. But with the addition of more lights, it dawned on me that I was actually working in the dark.

My friend, this is how we feel sometimes as well when we are far away from God.  Sure we can still smile a little.  We can do a kind deed here or there.  We can even be successful at that project we’re undertaking.

But when you incorporate PRAYER into the mix and focus on building a relationship with God, it all of a sudden illuminates the dark places you didn’t see before.

Everything becomes more vibrant, more clear. You can see what’s in front of you and all the little things you may have missed before.

Let’s face it sometimes we need someone to come along and flick the switch for us when we don’t realize we need it.

I want to be that someone for you today.


While this list certainly does not encompass every sign, it is a good indication that it’s time to return to prayer and seek God.  The purpose is certainly not to point fingers or make you feel bad, but just to remind you to listen to your inner voice – which I call the Holy Spirit – and return back to the One who loves you more than anyone else.


Have you ever had a good-bad day?  This is a day when someone looking in would say that you have it made.  A good-bad day is a day when things are going really well but still, you don’t feel joyful.  You don’t feel fulfilled.  I’ve had days like this before as well.

When we don’t make time to pray, we find that little things bother us a lot more.  Things that we use to brush off, now just annoys us to no end.  The messy house that we use to clean up with joy is now viewed with irritation and bitterness. It is a constant


There’s a t.v. show I watched it all the time. The plot was tantalizing and had my heart racing.  The main character was strong, smart and wore the most fashionable outfits.  She was the one everyone called when they wanted something ‘handled’.  Know which show I’m talking about?

After watching several seasons of the show, I started to feel a little something in my heart each time I watched it.  I began to question whether it really was a good show to watch when the morals, and direction of the show delved deeper and deeper into situations that went against what I believed and the type of person I wanted to be.  So I stopped watching it completely.  It no longer aligned with my vision of myself as a child of God.

What I found is that when I have not prayed for a while or when I get too caught up in my own self and no longer take the time to sit and listen to God’s voice I find myself wondering whatever happened to that character.  Thoughts like “oh, just watch it, it’s not that bad.  It’s just a show right?”

That was my signal to look at how I am spending my time and if I am truly being honest with myself. It’s time to get back to my prayer routine and connect with the Spirit to keep me strong against temptations.


I have a hard time with criticism.  Like, a really hard time. I immediately get defensive and spout out excuses for whatever I have done to deserve being criticized.  It is exhausting.

Slowly I am realizing that when we place God at the center of our world and rely solely on His approval, we find that rejection and criticism do not define us.  The opinion of others does not change our identity in Christ.  We are still loved.  We are still precious in His eyes.  We are still daughters of a King.


When we are far away from God, we are spiritually weak.  Therefore we are more susceptible to the onslaught of negative thoughts.  Thoughts about not being a good enough mom, wife, friend, co-worker, sister.  Distance from God means that we cannot see our whole selves.  We see only a small part of who we are and that small part is never good enough.

Oftentimes, we are also surrounded by feelings of fear and anxiety when we are not centered on the Spirit for protection.  It is so easy to give in to negative thoughts but when we spend time with God we create a buffer that protects us against thoughts that threaten to take our joy and leave us feeling defeated and helpless.


So often we hold on to thoughts, feelings, experiences long after they have served their purpose.  Long after whatever lessons we could glean from them are past their expiration date.  Yet we hold on to past experiences and lingering hurts that eat away at our joy.

When we are far away from God, we find it difficult to just let go of the past and leave room for God’s tremendous blessings to invade our lives.


These days there is so much vying for our attention.  If we are not careful, we will find ourselves being pulled into so many directions and trying to do all the things.  Since we do not have God to lean on and believe that He will care for all our needs, we instead rely solely on ourselves to make things happen.

Therefore, we find ourselves grinding, stressed out and failing to keep up. Similarly, when we are in this state of mind, we view the success of others as a threat to our own success.  Rather than celebrating the goodness of God and trusting that He can give to you whatever blessings in His Will to give, we operate from a world of lack and limitation.


Guilt. Condemnation. Unforgiveness. Uncertainty.  Those are the feelings sometimes of a woman who is far from Her God.  I know you’ve experienced these feelings.  So have I.

The difference between a woman who stays close to God and a woman who doesn’t is that the woman who relies on Him knows that no matter what happens, or what she does, she is can be certain of His love.  She will be forgiven when she asks for pardon.  She can rely on the knowledge that God has plans for her life.


I hope you know that if you’re feeling all of these things that you are not alone.  The great news is that PRAYER can make all the difference.

I am a completely different person today than I was years ago and I attribute it to my positive outlook and lots of prayers.  It has truly been the grace of God the healed me and gave me back the joy I didn’t even know I had lost.

If you feel like you have lost your joy or want to change your story, know that God loves you so much and He wants to help you.

Call out to Him and surrender to His care.  Whatever you need He can give it to you for He is the good shepherd.

Are there any others that you would add to the list from your own experience?




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2 thoughts on “7 Signs That You Might Be Far From God (And How To Fix Them)”

  1. Eva, you share some solid wisdom here. There are indicators when we are drifting away from the Lord. The one that I really resonate with is number 7–being really hard on myself. The Lord has had to help me come to the place where I could accept His forgiveness, grace, and even His love. I’m so thankful His standards for me aren’t as high as mine can be. It’s a constant choosing to turn and draw near to Him that helps me accept and cling to Him and all He has for His children.

    1. FindingtheJoyWithin

      Hi Jeanne – thanks so much for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment. You are so right – how lucky we are all that God loves us despite all our imperfection. I have to remind myself of that constantly. I love that you used the word “choose”. It is an intentional choice when we chose to listen and believe His promises over the ones we may be telling ourselves. May He bless you always! xo Eva

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