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No time to pray? Do This Instead

In a perfect world I would wake up at 4:30 or 5:00am, grab a cup of tea (mixed with the perfect honey to water ratio), light a candle and spend the next 45 minutes deep in the word of God.  I would feel the gentle wind as the Spirit breathes onto me and give me wisdom, patience and all that I will need for the busy day ahead.

The kids would slowly wake up. And me, feeling refreshed and energized by the power of God, would greet them with kisses and gentle whispers of “good morning darling” as I gently kiss their forehead.  Everyone would be rested from a good night sleep and would be content just to read a book or quietly play legos as we all slowly prepare for the day ahead.

Doesn’t that sound lovely?

The reality is this is how most mornings are in my house.  I wake up at 5:30am and know I have about half an hour before my kids wake up.  I’m too sleepy still to make that cup of tea.  I open my Bible and hope that it leads me to a passage that will stir my soul and infuse me with energy for the busy day ahead.  I flip the pages knowing that somewhere lies the guidance I need.  I finally settle on a Psalm (always my go-tos when I need a pick me up).  Today’s its Psalm 29 and I smile as I read about the mighty hand of God.  I sit savoring the words I have just read and before I know it, I hear the familiar stomp of my oldest hopping out of bed, followed closely by his brother and the day has begun.

As mothers, between making breakfast, making sure everyone is dressed and teeth are brushed and not to mention the time needed to find the other pair of shoes that has mysteriously disappeared overnight, we rarely have time to savor the quiet to spend with God.

We rarely have time even for ourselves some days!  I see you mama, wearing that t-shirt with the tiny splatter of the breakfast you fed your toddler yesterday morning.  I see you mama, who said today would be the day you got back to working-out but you were up with a sick little one last night and have no energy this morning. And you mama, who can’t remember the last time you enjoyed your favorite book in bed.

We are busy mamas.  We have bums to wipe, boogers to clean, kids to feed, and pre-teens that need our listening ear.  How can we fit God in between all this?

We actually don’t!

Instead of fitting God in between moments of our lives, what if we work to fit God INTO all of these daily things? 

I believe that God does not want to be limited to just a mere thirty minutes of your day, perhaps in the morning, and then forgotten throughout the day.

God wants to be in our entire day!  He wants to be with you as you go THROUGH your day so that He can help you THRIVE in your day!

Over the past few years, I have always tried to get up early to pray. I enjoy the quiet times where I can sit with my thoughts and pour my worries and fears to my Father.  A Father who wants only the best for me and for you. But when I can’t set aside time to pray in the morning, I know that all is not lost.

God is every present and all knowing and He is always with me.

So I pray to him through songs in the morning while I am making breakfast.

I pray in the car on the way to work and ask Him to protect my family and guide us throughout the day.

I pray when I get to work that He may give me all I need to succeed and do well in my job.

I pray in thanksgiving for the food He has provides for my lunch.

Sometimes at work, I will stop what I am doing and say a prayer for my children, that whatever they are doing that they may feel God’s presence fill them with joy and peace that very moment and I imagine them in their classrooms or at home suddenly smiling as God’s peace and joy rushes over them.

I talk to God on the way home after a busy day that He may send his Spirit before me and give me the grace I need to be a good mom when I get home. And I pray before bed to thank Him for blessing me more than I deserve.

The Spirit of God is like a friend you can always talk to.  Always near you, always beside you, always ready to listen and help.  He is your shelter and strength (Psalm 29:1).

The other day I was trying to get the kids to help me clean the house.  I had asked multiple times and no one was listening.  I was getting frustrated and could tell I was going to start yelling. But since I know I am not parenting on my own, that God is my parenting partner, along with my husband, I went to my bedroom and talked to Him.  I said “God, you see that the kids are not helping me, please give me the words so that they will listen next time.”  It took 2 more requests for them to finally listen but when I asked again I was no longer angry and frustrated.  So God ended up changing me instead of my situation. The kids were still not listening but I was no longer angry.

So will you join me today in taking God with you throughout your entire day?  Invite Him to come with you as you run errands, as you head to work, as you care for your family.

And when those opportunities come that gives you the moments to sit quietly with Him, take them so that you can use those times to listen to His promptings.

I believe God speaks to us through others and through our own thoughts.  He also tells us to “be still and know that I am God” so He wants us to spend time in quiet expectation as well.

I pray that God’s Spirit may rest upon you and your family today and always.  Rest assured and believe in your heart that you are loved, you are seen, you are known and you are the apple of your Father’s eye.

Pray to Him.  He is waiting and ready to help.




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8 thoughts on “No time to pray? Do This Instead”

    1. FindingtheJoyWithin

      Hi Keris,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for checking it out. Really appreciate your kind words!! xo

  1. Beautifully written! Thanks for the reminder that prayer doesn’t have to be “another thing” to get done today.

    1. FindingtheJoyWithin

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it Mo! Yes, we have enough things to do already. Prayer should be something we look forward to and enjoy instead of another thing on the ‘to-do’ list. 🙂

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