Meet Eva

What if you could live joyfully every day and embrace your life's purpose?

It's possible!

I’m Eva,  your Joy and Purpose Coach. 

I work with  Christian women who are ready to partner with God to discover their true purpose, use their God-given gifts to thrive and make an impact and live a life that fully embodies God’s joy.

I’m on a mission to help you find your joy, embrace your uniqueness and live the life God has called you for.

Here’s what I’ve learned….

God can take your little and multiply it for His glory!

About Me

I was once an insecure, self-conscious, and unsure girl who has been transformed by faith.

Today, I am a joyful woman who love Jesus, dangly earrings, bright colors (can you tell?), watercolor painting and a hot cup of tea before bed. 

And the thing that happened in between then and now is my encounter and acceptance of God’s redeeming love.

When I was about 10 yrs old, I was playing in the ocean with my mom right beside me and I happen to loose my footing and slip underwater.  

It was so scary.  I still clearly remember it many years later.  There I was with my arms flailing and gasping for air.

My mom, not too far away said “just stand up!” as she gently pulled me up.

We laughed after.  All I had to do was stand but I was so panicked that it was the last thing I thought about doing.

I tell this story because it is also how we sometimes live our lives.

We go through something difficult, perhaps devastating times and we loose our footing.  We panick and we can’t see our way. Sometimes all we need is someone to tell us to “stand up” and help us realize that we actually can.

As a child of God, mom, wife, daughter and friend, my biggest joy is sharing my faith and motivating you to be your greatest self.

You see, for a while there I lost myself and my joy. 

I forgot who I was and most importantly, WHOSE I was.  I felt stuck, frustrated and just going through the motions of life, placing most of my energy and worth in things that were limited and unimportant. 

While I loved taking care of my kids and family, I couldn’t quiet the ‘tug’ that I was also meant to be helping others.  The problem was, I couldn’t quiet figure out what.  

So I went from one thing to the next trying to figure things out what would bring me fulfillment.  

It was at this time that my mom encouraged me to start praying more and go to God for guidance.

Finding The Joy Already Within

I became more intentional about spending time in God’s Word making Him (and not my past) be my mirror.  As I learned more about who He is, I also disovered who I really was.  

I developed powerful prayer habits, embraced my true identity and found my purpose. 

I discovered 5 fundamental pillars we need to live a truly joyful life.  They are, what I call, the Joy Breakthrough Roadmap.

I started Finding the Joy Within to share all I’m learning with other women who want to know more about the gift (and power) of partnering with God.

I went all in.  I partnered with a coach who helped me with my strengthen my message and gave me the confidence to truly hone in my gifts.  She kept me accountable to my goals and gave me the push I needed to make progress.

I want to see you bloom and find your own purpose in faith.  I know how much your life can change when you truly live in your divine purpose!  

Who I Serve...

  • You are ready to  partner with God and purpose your purpose but are unsure what that is.
  • You feel stuck in your current stage of life and want to explore what else could be possible.
  • You want to grow your faith and develop an intimate relationship with God.
  • You are ready to break down limiting beliefs and want to embrace what’s truly possible in your life.
  • You are starting (or thinking about starting) a Christian blog and want someone to keep you accountable, give you strategy and ideas that work and help you find clarity on who you are called to serve. 
  • You are ready to use your divine gifts to thrive and make an impact.

My Superpower....

My special gift is to cheer you on as you discover your own purpose and along with the Holy Spirit give you the confidence to boldly move ahead.

Not only that, but I am here to ENCOURAGE, MOTIVATE and keep you ACCOUNTABLE so that you don't sit on the sidelines dreaming about your ideal life but actually take action and accomplish it.

Whether your goal is to create better spiritual habits, start a new routine or discover and nurture your gifts, I am here to help you dream big.

So let's start the blog, write the book, create the artwork and put your gift out into the world with confidence that you are guided and equipped.

Let's make your 'someday', today.

Some Fun Facts...

I was born and grown in the sunny and warm Central American country of Belize. 

Even though my parents are from Seine Bight, a beach side village, and we lived there for a while as well, I never learned how to swim. 

I love to paint (watercolor especially), color and do arts and crafts with my kids.

I am reading a dozen books at once and I’m slowly working my way through each of them.

I want to be an interior designer or an organizer when I grow up.  I stink at both.

Both my parents are teachers and so is my sister (and cousin and aunt) but I decided that I was going to buck the family trend and got a B.A. in finance instead.  And here I am coaching others, so I guess I still ended up teaching in some way. 

Joy is my superpower and I want to help to make it yours as well.

I love watching others find their spiritual and purpose breakthrough.

Acts of service is my love language.

My spiritual type is Lover.  What’s yours?


Find out what your Spiritual Type is and how you can grow your faith and relate to others in a more meaningful way.  


Are you ready to find more joy in your life and get clarity on your purpose? Schedule a clarity call with me to get started.


Staring or thinking of starting a Christian blog?  Let me help you get the right foundations, accountablitity and how you can use it to make a Kingdom impact.

Now you know about me.I'd love to know about you as well. Let's connect.