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I'm Eva

My mission is simple: to empower busy Christian women, just like you, to create powerful prayerful habits that fits your schedule and inspire you to fall in love with God’s Words so you can live a full, rich and joyfully abundant life. 

Whether you are a prayer newbie looking for tips on how to pray or a seasoned prayer warrior who wants to deepen your prayer life even more, you are welcome here.

My gift is to uplift and inspire you to harness the power of prayer in every area of your life and enable it to transform you into who God wants you to be.

So glad you’re here!

My goal is to inspire you to learn how to pray, develop powerful prayer habits and create a deep and intimate relationship with God so you can  live a remarkably joyful life, fueled by faith. 


I am here to help you...

About Me

Since we’re friends, I going to imagine we’re at our favorite coffee shop.  What are you drinking? Me? Probably a warm cup of tea or a coffee bean frappacino – depending on the time of year. 🙂

My short story is that I love Jesus, tea and dangly earings. I am a mom of 3 and married to the guy I saw from afar and knew he would be the man I would marry.

A few years ago, I would not have recognized myself.  While I looked the same on the outside, God has completely changed me into the person I am today. And I am so grateful. One of my greatest joys is sharing how a life of faith can change your life in remarkable ways and in ways that you might not yet imagine.

I grew up in Belize, in Central America, into a semi-religious home.  We were Catholics who did what we needed to check the boxes that says we were good people.  Since then my parents have grown into devout Catholics and my mom especially is responsible for a large part of my faith growth.  She has taught and continues to teach me so much.  I am grateful for my parents for always encouraging me to pray and shared God with me from an early age. 

Despite knowing about God, I was an awkward teenager who inevitably grew into an insecure adult. I spent years wishing I was someone else. I was the girl who buckled at every criticism and felt ‘less than’ every time someone corrected me. I went out of my way to be super nice so others would like me. Yet never felt fully accepted.  As a perfectionist and people-pleaser it was exhausting to always feeling like I had to be perfect so others would praise me and make me feel worthy.  Worthy of love.  Worthy of joy. Worthy of been seen and accepted. Canyou relate?


It wasn’t until I got married and started a family that I truly formed a personal relationship with God – kids will do that to you, right?  There are few things more humbling than having a screaming toddler and in one moment you realize you cannot do everything alone; that you need strength from a higher source.  From God!

Since then, I have grown deeper and deeper in love with my Jesus and God.  He has shown me immense mercy and has been kind in displaying all the ways I was living in a way that was not pleasing to Him.  I developed a deep desire to know and read my Bible and learn more about this God I love so much.  I created habits for myself to strengthen and deepen my faith. 

Through this journey of faith I have been completely transformed.  I now know with certainty that I am worthy of love and of all good things.  Not because of who I am but rather because of who I belong to.

Through Christ:

  • I have confidence, immense empathy towards others and courage to go after what I want in life.  Through Christ I am truly living fully.
  • I no longer try to please everyone, rather I yearn to please my Father.
  • I am able to walk with confidence that I am been led and guided by Christ.

Over time, I realize that everything I needed to know to understand my life was in His Word.  He changed me completly from an angry-out-of-control, insecure mom who was yelling ALL.THE.TIME to a mom who shows restraint, compassion and joy to her children.

He did it for me and He will do it for you too.  Your story might not be the same as mine but I am guessing that if you’re here, you too are in need of a little grace, a little more peace and a little more joy in your life.

If so, you’re in the right place, friend. 

I started Finding The Joy Within to cheer you on in your faith journey and guide you to find your very own Divine transformation.  My prayer is that as we get to know each other more, you draw closer to God and be filled with His Divine love, strength and power.

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See you in your inbox. I am praying for you!

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