• Cheerleader for Christ
  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • HR Associate
  • Working mom of 3
  • Wife of 1
  • Lover of all things art
  • Tea drinker

Here at Finding The Joy Within (FTJW), I pair my love for God with my love for others, especially His daughters to help them truly live an intentional life, with Him at the center.

I’m Eva and as you can guess, my plate is pretty full. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

My purpose is to help amazing women  strengthen their faith, serve their family from a place of calm and joy, succeed in their career or business and pursue the purpose for which they have been created.

Some Fun Facts...

I was born and grown in the sunny and warm Central American country of Belize. 

Even though my parents are from Seine Bight, a beach side village, and we lived there for a while as well, I never learned how to swim. 

I love to paint (I painted those two girls on the left), color and do arts and crafts with my kids.

I am reading a dozen books at once and I’m slowly working my way through each of them.

I want to be an interior designer or an organizer when I grow up.  I stink at both.

Both my parents are teachers and so is my sister (and cousin and aunt) but I decided that I was going to buck the family trend and got a B.A. in finance instead.  And here I am coaching others, so I guess I still ended up teaching in some way. 

Joy is my superpower and I want to help to make it yours as well.

I love watching others find their spiritual and purpose breakthrough.

Acts of service is my love language.

My spiritual type is Lover.  What’s yours?


Find out what your Spiritual Type is and how you can grow your faith and relate to others in a more meaningful way.  


Are you ready to find more joy in your life and get clarity on your purpose? Schedule a clarity call with me to get started.


Staring or thinking of starting a Christian blog?  Let me help you get the right foundations, accountablitity and how you can use it to make a Kingdom impact.

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