About Me

Hi, I’m Eva!

I’m so happy you’re here!

I have a confession.  I am not perfect! (shocker right :))

I do not have it figured out either.

I have failed more times that I care to admit; made mistakes and did things I am not proud of.

Yet, despite all my failures, or maybe because of them, my Father loves me. (What?!)

Not just any fluffy, changeable, finicky love either.  No way! His love is IMMENSE, INTENSE and UNCHANGING.

This love can light up any shadows, move mountains, knock down walls, and will fight for you.

I did nothing to deserve such a love, but our Father freely gives it.

And guess what, He feels that way about you too.  

When He sees you, my friend, He smiles and waits patiently for you to call on Him.

I want you to experience the immense goodness of God, draw closer to Him and find the joy that you already have through Him.

I can see you smiling already.  Welcome!

Who am I?

I am mom to three ‘sometimes’ wonderful children and married to an ‘all-the-time’ amazing man.

I am also an imperfect daughter of a perfect Father.  A Father who loves me despite my MANY limitations.  And who loves you as well.

A few years ago, as a mom to a 1yr old and a newborn, I felt like I was just going through the motions – feed, change, clean up, repeat. While I loved being a mom, I was not a joyful mom.   I felt overwhelmed and lost.

Until I discovered the joy that comes from growing closer to God and increasing my faith.

As I spent more time intentionally seeking joy, the more joy I found!

This blog is for the woman who wants to increase her faith in practical ways and find her joy!

Imagine walking confidently through your parenting, your relationships, your entire life because you are firmly rooted in who and whose you are – a child of God!

That’s what I want for you (and for me). 

I will share words of encouragement, Bible inspiration and PRACTICAL advice to grow your faith and find your purpose.


Here are my most favorite posts:

Let’s find more joy together!  Welcome!



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