Speak Life! How My Words Changed My Son’s Behavior

Is it possible to change someone’s behavior just by the words we speak to them? The answer is yes!  Here is my personal experience with changing my son’s behavior simply by using encouraging, inspiring life-giving words. “Words are things.  They get into your walls, your upholstery, your furniture, your clothes

Could Mom-Guilt Actually Be Useful?

  “When I become a mommy I’m not going to be like you.” said my 6-year-old as I cuddled her to sleep last night. “What do you mean?” I asked. “When I’m a mommy, I will be at the bus stop to pick up my kids from school and make

Just A Little Grace

  I failed a little today. As I sit in my dark bedroom with just the flicker of a candle for a light, I reflect back on my day.  It has been a great day, filled with laughter, a family trip for ice cream and time spent with friends. But