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Discovering Your God-given Talents

God is  so amazing. I wanted to share my story of how God used my limited skill of drawing and turned it into an opportunity that blessed my family.

Six years ago I started a business that really helped us to stay afloat while living on one income. At the time I was a stay at home mom of two little boys and we had just moved 500 miles to be near my husband’s family.

My husband started a new job and my days were full of taking care of our two babies; a newborn and 17 month-old. Those first few years, I was definitely in survival mode. My only goal was to stay awake long enough cooking dinner or to remember to take a shower (most days).

To add to the stress of moving, buying a new house and trying to make friends, my younger son was born with bi-lateral club feet which required him to wear casts on both legs for much of his first year. He was very unhappy and cried a lot! In addition, he had painful acid reflux and eczema.

Cutest, littlest casts ever!

Needless to say it was a very challenging year for all of us. Due to the extent of his club feet we were uncertain whether he would walk normally or how long it would take him to learn to walk. I wish I had leaned more on God at this time, but my faith was still budding.  Thank God for his everlasting patience.

Eventually, my son outgrew his acid reflex and severe eczema.  He learned to walk, run, jump and is a fully functioning little boy.

Fast forward a few years and my baby is now 3. He is walking, talking and such a joy! We booked his party at one of the play places in the area and invited all of his little friends. I thought it would be fun to have a little face-painting at his party so I bought a small face-painting kit from Michael’s.

Nate’s birthday party.

I can’t even remember now if we ended using the face-painting kit. The kids might have been too busy running around and climbing on structures to bother at the time I guess.

I remember tossing the kit in a closet after the party and never gave it a second thought. Months later, while cleaning out that closet I found the kit again and decided to have some fun using it with the kids. It had a step by step painting guide which I tried to follow and I found that I actually enjoyed it.

I would spend each day practicing, and discovered some youtube videos which literally rocked my world.  There I learned how to paint everything I could think of.  I practiced at night, joined a professional learning group and later attended conferences on face-painting.

I mentioned my new hobby to a few friends and said I would be available to paint at their birthday parties if they needed someone.  I am not sure where this confidence came from, I definitely was not that good.  My hands still shook everything I needed to do an outline and my placements was all off. But I didn’t let a little thing like inexperience stop me.  If I had waited until I was perfect, I would never have put myself out there.

I am forever grateful to my first customer, a friend of a friend who invited me to her son’s birthday party.  My designs were horrible but the kids were happy and I made my first $50 that day.  It was such a huge motivation!  That really made me feel like I can do this, and for the first time  I thought that maybe I could actually turn this new hobby into a business.

Looking back now, I could clearly see God’s loving hand helping me, guiding me and blessing my new found business.  He never left my side.

Through God’s grace I built a business that is still flourishing today.

And the best part is that I had no idea I had this talent inside me.  Its true that I loved to draw and enjoyed my art class in junior college but I never thought that would transfer into something that would be a blessing to my family.

When people would ask me how I learned to face-paint, I would say it just came from practice. Anyone could do it I would say.  And that is true.

But now, years later, as my faith has grown and my relationship with Jesus has deepened, I proudly and boldly tell anyone who asks me, that my ability to face-paint is my gift from God.

I still gets strange looks when I say that, not every parent sadly want their kids to hear about ‘gifts from God’ (which baffles me so much by the way)!

I truly and deeply believe that we all have gifts given to us from God.  Some of us have been given more than one gift.  Some of us have been given gifts to help us during different seasons of our lives.  I tell my children this all the time.

God has given you gifts as well.  They are inside you waiting for you to tap into them and use them for God’s glory.

God loves us so much and wants us to be happy, to live abundantly and to flourish in this life.  In his goodness and love, He has given us all we need to succeed and we need only ask for what we are think we are lacking.  ‘Ask and you shall receive’ says the Lord.

What are your God-given gifts?  How do you plan to find out what you are good at so that you too can share your testimony of what God will do for you and your family?

I love hearing from you.  Please share below.







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3 thoughts on “Discovering Your God-given Talents”

  1. Eva—These are remarkable reflections about the grace and goodness of God in your life and that of your family. So cool to learn how your son was healed, you spiritually matured, gained new skills, and came to give God credit for the artistic gifts He allowed you to develop and monetize.

    This so true: “Some of us have been given gifts to help us during different seasons of our lives.”

    By the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us we can find purpose through moments of pain and pivot with passion for His honor.

    📖 Lamentations 3:22-23
    “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.”

    I like to say, “Where God guides, He provides.”

    Some of my spiritual gifts include: mindful leadership excutive coaching, digital media engagement, reading + reflecting, writing, and using tech for creative marketing to draw people to the Lord.

    I’m grateful to God for how He equips me— with the tools, techniques and relevant, resourceful people fueled-by-faith—as I lean on Him. It is truly a joy to think about how far He has brought me and uses me today as an entrepreneur. \o/

    Peace and continued success—in the strength of the Lord Almighty—with all your personal and professional endeavors!

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