Embrace Your Authentic, Amazing Self

My husband and I recently celebrated our 18th anniversary and we did something out of the ordinary – we got tickets to Jay Z and Beyonce’s On The Road II Tour.  Now, just so you know, and at the risk of sounding like a complete prude this is not the kind of music I usually listen to.  I’m a fun gift to hang out with (at least I think so) but there was way too much swearing in most of the songs for me.  I do listen to a couple Jay Z songs during my long runs, but made sure I got the radio-version.

We had a great time and I even found myself rocking to the beat and singing along to the few songs I knew.  Even better, my hubby and I got to enjoy some time as a couple and add another experience to our life journey.

We sat there mesmerized by the lights and performance.  I mean, they performed! They didn’t just get out there and half-sang their songs, they didn’t sing a little bit and leave the audience to sing a majority of it (such a pet-peeve of mine).  They worked the crowd and really performed.  It was amazing!

As I watch Beyonce sing, sway and whip her pony tail around in her third sparkly leotard of the night, two things that struck me as I thought back

to that night. Besides the fact that you really get a cardio workout putting on a concert, I kept thinking how great it is to watch someone embracing their gift and being their authentic, unique self.

Beyonce is a phenomenal singer and performer.  She embraces it.  She becomes it.  She owns it!  It is her gift.  It is her passion and part of who she is, at least while she’s on stage.

It was powerful to see someone being who they are.  Now I know that the show she puts on is just that…a show!  She is becoming the person the crowd wants her to be.  But I cannot help but wonder how much we would all have if we decided to remain the unique people God made us to be.

There will never be another Beyonce and for sure there will never be another amazing YOU!

I believe we were all created for a purpose and created in the “image and likeness of God”.  God planned for you to be here, my friend.  He designed it so that on this day, in this year you would be right where you are today.  Either He has guided your step to bring you to where you are or He is calling you to relationship with Him so that you can achieve bigger and better things.

Since you are “wonderfully and fearfully made” you have been giving gifts, talents and yes even weaknesses that only you possess.  While there may be others who look a little like you, who may laugh similar to you, who make design a room almost the same way you would, there is none who can do what you do…..except you.

I’ll admit that I have spent almost 3 hours on Pinterest, pinning one thing after another then looking at the clock in shock that I had just wasted so much time.  But the pictures on there can be so captivating and there are SO many ideas.  I recently looked up ideas for renovating our basement, then I looked up DIY teacher’s gift and before I knew it I was on Etsy buying felt for a project I would never finish.

From Facebook post to glossy Instagram pictures, its so easy to sometimes wish we were someone else.  Living someone else’s life, living in that amazingly decorated house and taking those gorgeous, epic vacations.

But what a shame it would be if we become so consumed with someone else’s life that we neglect to embrace our own?

Its okay to admire other people’s gift.  That mom at the playdate who always looks so put together, who never gets frazzle and whose house is always immaculate.

It’s okay to work hard to become a better version of yourself.

When I decided to start this blog, I wanted to see what other people who wrote about similar topics were blogging about.  I looked up countless blogs, read their post, subscribed to their mailing list so I can get the freebie (c’mom, you’ve done it too).

It got a little discouraged because I found myself wanted to be like those successful bloggers and thinking I could never be like them.  But then I decided to stop looking at other people’s blog and just concentrate on being my unique self here.


My stories, experiences and my vision are all uniquely mine.  As yours are too.

What a shame it would be if the world was robbed of your goodness, your gifts, your talents and your amazing self.

When you embrace the truth that you are God’s masterpiece it can feel so overwhelming.  But it also empowers you because you know without a shadow of a doubt that He will guide you in anything that comes your way.

The world needs you!  And not just the world, your family needs your brilliance, your loving and gentle touch, your amazing self.

If you feel like you are not being your best then ask the Lord to help you.  He is rooting for you, and He wants to see you succeed in your role as mother, wife, daughter and friend.

You were created for something great.  And my something great and your something great could be very different.  Some of our greatness lies in the way we mother our children.  Sometimes our greatness lies in what you contribute to the workplace.  Sometimes it is your role as a giving and kind neighbor.

Whatever it is, embrace the person you are, warts and all, and believe in your heart that you were destined for great things.

Even our weaknesses can be blessings.  After all why would we need God if we were perfect and things went the way we wanted all the time.  God uses our weaknesses and shortcomings to keep us honest, to keep us searching for Him and relying on His grace.

So my encouragement for you today is to look in the mirror and know that you are not perfect, only our Father is perfect, but:

you are loved

you are unique

you are amazing

you are here for a reason

you have been created for a purpose

you are exactly where God destined you to be this very moment

you are a masterpiece

your are the apple of your Father’s eye

Know in your heart that God planned for you to be the wife to that husband and the mother to those children.  He gave you something that only you have so that your husband and children can become the people God made them to be. And so that this generation would reap the benefits of your presence.

Go ahead and bask in the knowledge that before your mother even knew you existed, God knew and He has a plan for His wonderful creation that is you.

So go ahead and bust a dance move every now and then but don’t live your life trying to be Beyonce or anyone else for that matter.  Just be the rocking, awesome, brilliant, unique and wonderful YOU that your Father created you to be!



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