Life-Balance Coaching for Working Moms

  Welcome to “Balanced On The Word” 


'Balanced On The Word' is a monthly membership for members of the FTJW community

Who is Balanced On The Word for?

Balanced on the Word is a FREE monthly membership for women who want to create more balance in their hearts + home, and base it on God’s mighty words.

It is for….

  • The woman who feels overwhelmed by everything on her plate
  • The woman who want to create consistent rhythms and routines to grow her faith
  • The woman who is looking for community with other faith-led women
  • The woman who wants to lean on God’s Words (not the world’s) in order to find balance in her heart + home
  • The woman who can’t seem to find time to pray but wants to try to make it a priority
  • The woman who wants to anchor her self worth on God’s Words
  • The woman who wants to balance her schedule and find a little bit more peace

Balanced On The Word is for you!

Theme for each month

Each month we will meet LIVE on Zoom for prayer and discussion around a topic that we all face.

Some topics include

* Balancing Our Rest

* Balancing Our Worth and Identity

* Balancing Our Expectations

* Balancing Our Thoughts

* Balancing Our Schedule

Each month you will also receive a devotional to help reinstate the theme and incorporate it easily into your life.

About Eva

Life Balance Coach

As a full time working mom, I know how hard it is to find time to pray and build community. I am on a mission to help women grow their faith and make time for the moments and people that matter most.

We are seeking balance not just to say we have more time, but rather to devote more time to the things we love - God, Family and Fulfilling Our Purpose.

Together we can be intentional about becoming the women God has called us to be each day.
for his glory

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