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Day 8 Gratitude Practice: Manual For Life

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This is the EIGHT in a 15-day gratitude devotional post.  Each day a short devotional that can be done in 5 minutes each day will be posted along with a journal prompt.  Want them all now? Download the FREE gratitude journal workbook below.

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“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Psalm 119:105 (ESV)

Imagine a young girl who returns home from school crying. She’s had a bad day and everything is wrong. Then her mother presents her with a package. She eagerly opens it and finds a huge book and a personal, handwritten note.

This note tells her the book is a gift from a famous woman who the little girl looks up to. The woman also tells her, this book is written especially for her and includes advice to help her through the bad days like today. The little girl is elated and so thankful someone of that stature would even write a book to personally help her with life.

That is exactly what the bible is for us. This person who is the source of wisdom, poured it out onto others in order to personally write to us. How wonderful is that?

Thank the Lord for leaving you this manual for life.

Journal prompt:

  1. Who does God say you are?  Look up Bible verses that tell you who you are in Christ.

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