Day 3 Gratitude Practice: He Comforts Us

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Are you ready to start your gratitude practice? This is the THIRD in a 15-day gratitude devotional post.  Each day a new devotional is short enough to be done in 5 minutes and will be posted along with a journal prompt. Want them all now?  Download the FREE gratitude journal workbook below.

“You will say in that day: ‘I will give thanks to you, O Lord, for though you were angry with me,
your anger turned away, that you might comfort me.’” Isaiah 12:1 (ESV)

How do you see God? I like to think of Him as a loving, and kind Father. My daddy!
I know that He loves me and as a Father, He also corrects us.  Sometimes it’s not in a way that we like but it’s always done with love and compassion.  For love is not only what God does, love is who He is.

Aren’t we lucky that God in His goodness does not give us what we deserve but actually is compassion and gives us what we need?

Even when we act against Him, He does not turn away from us but like a loving parent is patient with us and waits for us to return to Him.

Think now of a time when you might have done something to anger another person. How did they respond?  How did it change your relationship?

Isaiah tells us that though God is angry with us, He does not act with impatience for His patience far greater than ours.  Yes, He needs to exact justice because He is just but he also comforts us. Like a parent who loves and corrects. How thankful we should be that He does!

Start your gratitude journey with Choosing Gratitude: Your Journey to Joy by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Journal prompt:

  1. When was a time you felt God was correcting you?  How did you respond and what was the outcome?

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