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5 Easy Ways to Keep the Lord’s Day Holy, Even During Isolation

When you’re in isolation and home day in and day out, one day naturally flows into another. Before we know it Sunday has come and gone without anyone noticing.  But keeping the Lord’s day holy is a huge benefit to your family.  Here are 5 simple ways you can make this day special even though we cannot attend mass.

Between keeping up with the kids’ remote learning, making yet another meal or snack or trying to work on your own work projects, keeping up with the weekdays can be challenging.

To break the week up a bit and add something new into our schedule, we are trying our best to keep our Sunday – the Lord’s day – as a special day.

Our churches might be closed but that doesn’t mean that church is cancelled.  We are the church, you and I and it is our job to make sure that the spirit of church remain alive in our home.

So let us adore, worship and give Him praise, despite our circumstances.

I try to play worship music everyday at home and that is a great way to make the Lord’s day special for you and your family.

But here are are 5 more ways you might not have thought of before. 

1. Fasting
2. Family Prayer
3. Faith-based Family Movie
4. Virtual Mass
5. Family Activity


Fasting for God

Often times fasting is associated with weight loss or something we do solely for our health. And while it’s true that fasting has tremendous physical benefits, it can also be immensely beneficial to our spirit.  Intermittent fasting is a growing trend these day and it is when you fast for a short period of time during the day or night, usually 12-16 hours.  

A fast is more than just abstaining from food though.  You can use it as a form of prayer; a sacrifice you are making to the Lord.  While you are fasting from food, pray and ask the Lord to manifest Himself in your life.  Praise Him as you do your daily work or go about your day.  And when you feel hungry, gently remind yourself why you are fasting and be encouraged that it is God alone who sustains you.  The number of hours you fast does not matter as much as the intention.  Do it for God. We can keep the Lord’s day holy by committing to fasting whenever we can.

Learn more about intermittent fasting here.  

family prayer

Family Prayer

Gathering for God

Even before isolation, Sundays have been our special day to intentionally come together as a family to pray and praise God.  Since we are all in isolation now at home, we have been more persistent about praying on Sundays.  As you gather to pray with your immediate family, why not host a Zoom virtual prayer gathering with other members of your family to make it more special?

There are no formal structure for a family meeting but we like to have our Sunday family meetings centered on Christ.  After dinner on Sundays we usually gather in the living room for prayer.  Here is what we do for our family meetings. 

  1. Start with an opening prayer.  The Our Father is always a good one to use.  Then invite the Holy Spirit to be part of your prayer and worship.  If you like, someone can read the gospel reading of the day.
  2. Next, each person can go around and share what they are grateful for as well as a petition or something they would like to pray for.
  3. When everyone has gone, we usually present our petitions and gratitude to Blessed Mother and ask her to present them to her Son on our behalf.
  4. We say 10 Hail Marys.
  5. End with the Family Pledge or a simple hug.

Want to start your own family gathering tradition?  Grab the The Sibling Pledge here which includes our Family Meeting schedule.  And if you are dealing with sibling fighting be sure to idea that’s included as well. It’s a real game-changer. 

Family Movie

Watching for God

There are countless faith-based movies and movies about the life of Christ but truthfully many of them are too much for my children.  

We recently stumbled upon 2 shows that we enjoy.  I am sure there are numerous others as well that we may not yet be aware of so if you know of any, please send them my way.

One of the shows we love is The Chosen.  It is the first ever series on the life of Christ that you can download straight to your phone.  You can then watch it either on your phone or streaming on your T.V.  And the best part, Episode 1 is free.  The way the series remain free is through the donations of others who donate episodes for other people to watch.  If you can, please consider making a donation so that others can continue watching this amazing series.  My entire family loves it.  The first episode might be a bit much for the younger kids so please preview before showing it to your kids.

The other favorite over here is Superbook which you can watch through YouTube.  It is an animated series that takes us through the entire Bible.  It is entertaining yet educational and really does an amazing job of staying with the stories in the Bible in an authentic way.  The animation is superb.  My advice would be for you to preview the episodes before showing it to everyone.  Depending on the age of your children the graphics might be a little scary, especially when they show the devil.  If your child is okay with watching Star Wars they probably will be fine with this as well.  It really is an outstanding series for kids and adults alike.  

More info on The Chosen here.

More info on Superbook here. 

Attend Mass

Find A Virtual Mass

While church buildings are currently closed, there are still virtual masses all over the world. 

So this coming Sunday, get the family dressed up and gather in front of the t.v. or computer for mass.  Chances are the kids will not be happy to get dressed up and the hubby might not like the idea of getting out of his comfy sweats but it’s so worth it.

To make it even more fun for the kids, bring along a piece of bread or ritz crakers and juice for each person to have during the concecration of the bread and wine.  We have been doing this on Sundays and the kids love it.  

Believe it or not, one day this isolation will be behind us, so let’s keep our Sunday traditions.  If you are unable to find a mass you can always praise in your own way by playing music that moves your soul and helps you glorify God.

There is a virtual mass on Catholic TV everday.  

Family Activity

Host a Crafting Sunday Day

The family that crafts together, stays together. 🙂  I totally just made that up but you can make Sundays special by doing a simple craft or activity as a family.

I recently purchased these canvases from Amazon and this past Sunday we spent the afternoon – more like 30 minutes for the kids – painting our own masterpieces.  Why not grab a set of canvas and paint brushes and start your family masterpieces.  I’ve included a link below with some of our favorites.  

Or you can read a story from the Rhyming Bible and see if anyone wants to paint scene from the story or any painting they want. 

If crafting is not your thing, you can pick an activity that you can all do together.  Go for a picnic in your yard if you can. Walk around your neighborhood (don’t forget your mask) or look for a easy and fun craft that everyone can do.  Drive to the beach to watch the sunrise from your car.  While a lot of things are closed or not wise to go to right now, be creative and think of what your family would enjoy and then when Sunday comes along, go and do it!

For simple and fun crafting idea please visit one of my favorite sites: Catholic Icing

So which one will you try this Sunday? I pray that these ideas will help you to keep Sundays special in your home.  Keep in mind that God loves you and is happy with every effort you make to draw your family closer to Him.  

Don’t look at it as another thing on your already full plate.  Instead think of Sunday as a time to focus solely on God who sustains and protects us through this difficult time.

I am thinking of and praying for you always.

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