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How to Use the Love Languages to Give The Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is almost here – eekkk and if you’re like me, you’re still searching for that perfect gift.  I’m continuing my gift-giving theme with another post on great gifts.  If you haven’t read the Best Gift to Give your Kids yet, you can check it out as well.


“What do you want for Mother’s Day?” asked my husband.

I knew exactly what I wanted actually.  But instead of saying it, I said “Oh, just surprise me.”  Why didn’t I just say what was on my heart?  Sometimes, the hardest requests to make are the ones we make for ourselves.  We are so quick to make sure people around us are taken care of that we forget how to advocate and take care of ourselves.
And it got me thinking that while we might not always speak the desires of our hearts, we are usually pretty certain about what it is we truly want.  As a woman and a mom I can say that the best gift is the one that speaks to my love language.
Wait, you haven’t heard of the love languages before?
The love languages is based on the concept from Gary Chapman that we all receive love in different ways. The way I feel loved might not be the same way you feel love.

There are 5 love languages.

  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch
  • Gifts
  • Quality Time
The key to buying the perfect gift is simply to figure out what the receivers love language is.  In other words, how do they receive love? Easy-peasy right.
Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I’ve put together a helpful (and hopefully humorous) guide for you to print out and share with those who love you.  At the bottom of this page is a very short survey and I would LOVE to hear what you think and also what you consider the perfect gift.
These ideas were compiled after talking to several friends who fall into each of these categories.  It is not intended to be a catch-all for every woman. 🙂
Don’t forget to share this so you can get exactly what you want on Mother’s Day.  Just say “Here you go honey, this is what I would like for Mother’s Day.”  Be sure to highlight the love language you more identify with and a couple options to choose from.


This. This is my love language. Nothing says I love you than when the hubby does the dishes and vacuums the house. Here is what I would love for Mother’s Day!
  1. Don’t let me do anything on Mother’s Day. I’m talking no breakfast, no kids duties, no house work, no dinner. You take care of everything. Let me put up my feet and force me to enjoy it. I might protest (why do we do that) but insist and sooner or later I will gladly succumb. I will always remember this awesome day!
  2. Order take out dinner from my favorite restaurant. Serve it to me please.
  3. Clean out my craft room or office as a surprise.
  4. Print out and give me these vouchers that I can use anytime. Tell me that I have to use them because you paid a lot of money for them and they expire soon.
  5. If finances allow, book me a massage and/or a spa day.
  6. Believe it or not I actually don’t want to be alone on Mother’s Day, do you? I want to be with my babies. I just want to be able to enjoy being there without having to parent at the same time. Give me a few hours to myself. Either you take the kids somewhere for the morning or afternoon or I can go to the beach and hangout with my book.
  7. Schedule a cleaner to come to the house so I can relax.

Still want to give me something to open?  How about a gift card to my  favorite store or an Amazon gift card is always a huge hit!


While we might appreciate you spending hours mowing and manicuring the lawns, or finally replacing the lightbulb in the kitchen, if quality time is not our primary love language your hard work won’t go too far.  Sorry!

If my primary love language is quality time, you have so many options that can fill my love tank and make my day.

Here are some things to do for the woman who loves spending time with you more than anything else:

    1. Plan a weekend away, if finances allow, just the two of us.  Let me know you are planning it so I can get excited. If we cannot go away, I would love an afternoon walk just the two of us.
    2. Skip the regular guys’ get together and instead let me know that you would rather spend time with me night instead.
    3. Commit to connecting with me (almost) every night or on a certain day every week to talk about our day.  Share anything funny or crazy from your day.  Fifteen minutes a day is a great start.  Put it on our shared calendar so we both can carve out time for each other.
    4. Make date night or date afternoon a priority.  Again, put it on your shared calendar and do not change it, unless there is an emergency.
    5. Plan to go to bed at the same time so we can snuggle each other.  Let me know you love being in my presence.
    6. Watch a movie together, extra points if it’s one I really wants to watch but you’ve been hesitant to see.  Sit next to me on the couch and share a cozy blanket.

Still want to give me something to open?  How about concert tickets to my favorite music band or reservations for 2 at a fancy hotel.


We all love to be told that we are special, amazing and doing a great job.  If words of affirmation is her love language then your words are even more important.  Many women I know feel under-appreciated and not recognized for all they do each day.

To change that, shower your wife/friend/partner with words that builds her up from the inside.  She will be so happy hearing your express words of appreciation and affirming her.

Here are some great gifts for the woman who loves words of affirmation.

  1. Write me a love letter sharing some of the things everything you love about me.  Let me know you appreciate all that I do, with the kids, what a great cook I am, how organized the house is because of me and how much you love coming home to me.  If you like, read it out loud maybe in front of the kids.
  2. Write words of affirmation on bright sticky notes and put them all over the house, in my closet, my favorite pair of shoes, my dresser, jewelry box, in my car, my purse.  You get the idea.  Let me spend the day reading words that build me up and make me feel loved and appreciated.  Need ideas?  Here are some great ones to try.
  3. Purchase a billboard and let the world know what you love about me.  Okay, if the billboard is too daunting then just share it on social media so all her friends know that you are crazy about her.
  4. Get the kids involved and make a video sharing what I mean to the family; the things I does everyday that makes everyone’s lives a little easier.
  5. If she is involved in a project, ask her about it and compliment her on her hard work and creativity.
Still want to give me something to open?  I love anything personalized from Things Remembered or  Etsy. This personalized certificate is so cute too.


This one should be the easiest of them all for the guys.  But if you need a little help in this area, I got just the thing.  The woman in your life wants to feel that you still find her attractive no matter how many years you have been together.
If physical touch is her primary love language then here are some great gifts that will make her day:
  1. Give her a coupon for 5 free back massages that needs to be redeemed in a month.  You can download a free template here to use.
  2. Unsolicited kisses or hugs are always welcome and will fill up her love tank.
  3. Send her texts throughout the day reminding her that you thinks she’s the most beautiful woman ever and that you can’t wait to come home!
  4. Go for a walk and hold hands.
  5. Sit next to her on the couch and let her rest her head on your shoulders while you watch a movie.
  6. Any activity that lets you be close to her.
Still want to give me something to open?  How about an itinerary for a planned weekend away to my favorite place.



For the record, all moms love to receive gifts.  And the gift of your time is equally as special to us. l.  Here are a few fun ideas to get the woman who loves to receive gifts. Get her something she will cherish and love that shows that you really know her and what she likes.
  1. Gardening gift 
  2. Home decor
  3. Mom’s Favorites
  4. Clothing
  5. Book
  6. Sports and Fitness

There you have it!  I hope one of these spoke to you and put a smile on your face.  Now just print it out and pass it along so your family knows exactly how to fill your love tank this Mother’s Day.

Have a super-happy-awesome day!



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