Keep Your Sanity This Coming School Year With These Must-Have Essentials

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Are you already thinking about the coming school year and the chaos and stress that usually ensues?  If so, now is the best time to get some essentials that will make the school year not only manageable but joyful as well.  Not convinced?  Read on to check them out. 

I love summer! The slower pace, longer days and warm, sunny weather makes many of us happy.  The kids are catching up on sleep and are more relaxed than during the school year.

Now is the best time to prepare for the coming school year.  By the time August and September rolls around you would have all your essentials well in place and the kids will be ready to go.

Say goodbye stressful mornings and HELLO to making it to the bus on time every day!


Like most families the mornings can be total chaos in our home.  Getting out the door can be a huge challenge.  That is, until we started making routines our priority.

The key for me is to teach the kids how to pack their own lunches. I usually make the sandwiches and they fill in the rest.  The rule is a sandwich, a fruit or veggie, chips and a treat. They also pack flavored water or juice box.

Having the right supplies is essential.  Here are our favorite must-haves to take the stress out of the mornings and ensure everyone starts the day off on the right foot.


  1. Alarm Clock

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2. Hypoallergenic pillowcase

3. Flinstones Vitamin with Iron 

4. Sonicare Toothbrush -because 2 minutes seems a long time to some kids.  This does the timing for them.

5. Leak Proof Lunch Box – this is awesome and I love that it has a built-in removable thermos.

6. Bento Lunch Box – the boys like this one a lot.  Holds all their yummy food.

7. Thermos – for hot lunches.  This is the perfect size.

8. Insulated thermos – for hot or cold lunches.  I like that this comes with its own spoon.

9. Reusable Storage Box – I love that these are transparent, eco-friendly and reusable.


The paper overload from school can be overwhelming for you and your kids.  These essentials keep us sane and organized.  No more “where’s my homework?” or “what do we have after school today?”

1. 2. 3.  4.



1.Storage Pocket Hanging Folder

2. Locker for 3 Backpacks and more – to keep kids and you organized.

3. Dry Erase Calendar

4. Hanging Clothes Organizer

5. Create Your Own Morning Checklist


My kids are always starving when they come home from school?  If your kids are the same, these are helpful to arrange the snack bin in the pantry or fridge.  I especially like the see-through rolling bins.


  1. 2.   3.4.

1.Snack Organizer

2. Transparent fridge organizer

3. Clear Storage Bins with Drawers

4. Small desk for homework

5. Create Your Own Evening Checklist


A great morning starts with a good night sleep.  There are our absolute favorite to make sure we all get enough zzz’s at night.


Noise cancelling sound machine



2.   3.4.6.

2. Black Out Curtains

3. Humidifier

4. Air Purifier – this has a blue light that is kind of bright for me but we put a tri-fold around it at night so it works.  Might want to get a different model but this is what we’ve been using.

5. Lavender Essential Oil

6. Night Light


While you’re at it, might as well grab a couple things for yourself as well.  I work full time and these keep me organized, motivated and healthy as I run from one task to another.


  1. 2.


1.Smart Watch – The Apple watch is great for exercising and keeps me moving throughout the day, which is huge since I am at my desk a lot. Even if you are not a fitness buff, this watch will remind you to breath (which we all need reminders to do this), it will tell you when it’s time to take a walk, what your heart-rate is at any given time and so much more. It is one of the most used device I own, aside from my computer. 🙂

2. Instant Pot – I love my Instant Pot.  Dinner is no longer such a stresser for me…most days.  I get home, pop in some seasoned chicken and dinner is done in less than an hour.  Here are a few awesome recipes for you to try.


There you have it –  almost everything you need for an amazing school year!  Do you have any to add?  What are your family favorites?

The best gift you can give your kids is to give them all the tools they need to succeed.




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