Making Time For God By Changing Your Mindset About Prayer

I am not usually a buyer of lottery tickets but like most people when it gets to a certain amount I get a little interested. Interested enough to buy a ticket or two.

What if I told you that I could give you the winning numbers to the next Powerball?

But there’s a catch. You have to come to my house every day at 5:00 am sharp to sit with me and read me a book (of your choosing) for 7-days straight.

I’m guessing that with an estimated winning prize right now of $373 million, you would think this is no big deal.

Even if you’re not a morning person. 5:00am – no problem.

Even if you have a girl’s weekend away planned. 7-days straight – no problem.

In fact, I’m going to presume that you will make sure you set the alarm to go off at 4:30 am so you can to drive over to my house and arrive on time.

You might go so far as to set out your clothes the night before and put the book and your car keys where you can easily grab them in the morning.

Chances are you’ll tell your spouse or partner and they will make sure you are out the door on time. They’ll tell you not to worry about the kids – they’ll take care of everything – this is too important.

In other words, you will make sure that NOTHING stands in the way of you getting to my house on time. The prize is too big to lose. And I don’t blame you.

My friend, if we will do ALL that for the possibility of winning a huge cash prize, why don’t we put that same focus and determination with spending time with God?

The One who loves us more than any other.

The One who knows our very future.

The One who can cure all that ails us and ease our troubled souls.

The One who can give us the desires of our very hearts.

Yet too many times, we – I’m at the front of the line – put off spending time with Him to do other less meaningful things.

What would happen if we got excited about what God has to tell us?

So excited that we put out our Bibles at night before so it’s ready and waiting for us in the morning.

So excited to hear His promptings that we set the alarm to make sure we have enough time to spend with Him.

So excited that we do not let ANYTHING get in the way of our time devoted to prayer and reflection.

I want that so much.

I know you do too.

Today, let’s commit ourselves to always making time for God. He has the answers to everything you are looking for; He can “tell you wonderful and marvelous things you know nothing about.”

Add prayer to your calendar.

Make it a priority. 

Let it be a non-negotiable.

Tell your family that this is too important to you and that one day a week they’ll have to take care of some of the morning duties.

The kids will have to pack their own lunches sometimes. 

The hubby will have to iron his own clothes every now and then.

Make time for God my friend and you will never be disappointed.

And about the winning Powerball numbers – your guess is as good as mine. 🙂



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