Finding the Joy Within

I’m Jumping In – Fears and All

When I first got the tingling to start a blog, I was so excited! Yes, I thought, I could use this as a way to connect to other women and maybe make a friend or two. I could share the joy God has put in my heart with others. I could share my experiences in hopes that it would help someone out there who might be going through the same thing.

And, then all the doubts hit. I can’t start a blog! I don’t have time. I’m not a great writer and who am I to think someone would even care about what I had to say or care about my experiences.

It was a tug-of-war between my desire to do something different and fun and my fear of failure and rejection. Sounds familiar?

So how did you move forward from that place of fear that could grip and cripple all of us into inaction? How do you quiet the loud voice of self-doubt that affects all of us? Honestly, the answer is you look within. Its true, we all have a story to share. We have all gone through experiences that might be similar to other people, but are uniquely ours because we are uniquely different.

I was especially fearful because I really felt the pull to share my passion about God with others. But I was questioning my real motives. Was I really doing this to talk about God or was I secretly doing it for MY own ambitions and dreams.

It took a lot of reflection and soul searching to answer all these questions. And honestly, I am still in the process of being sure this is the direction I should go. But for now, I will think of this blog as a leap of faith. I choose to believe that telling my story, passing on words that inspire and doing all of it for the glory of God can never be anything negative.

Before starting this blog, I felt the Spirit was calling me to start a women’s prayer group. I imagined a community of women, praying, both online and in person, for their children, their husband, their families, and their communities. I would merely be the person organizing it all and responding as needed. Doesn’t that sounds wonderful? I actually shared this idea with two friends, both of whom jumped on board – I am so lucky! And then I waited. I waited for the Spirit to show me the next step.

We have all heard those stories that people share about how things just came together. Or phrase like “it just fell into my lap.” So there I was waiting for things to ‘just come together’ or better yet, for something awesome to just ‘fall into my lap.” I waited and waited. And got…..nothing. No booming voice or quiet whisper stirring my soul to action. When nothing happened, I was disappointed but iI took it as a sign that now might not be the best time to pursue a prayer group. But God called me to something else.

I can’t remember the exact moment I decided to start a blog. I only remember getting the idea and doing it. One day, I felt such a strong desire to start this blog that I bought a beginner blog course, signed up for webhosting and posted my first post in one week. Say what?

Through God’s grace, I’ve decided to shake off the fear of failing. I’ve decided I didn’t care what people thought of me or my blogging journey. Because the real reason I am here and this blog is only possible because of my heavenly Father. So until He tells or shows me this is not the way to go, I will keep doing my best and hope that you enjoy this journey as much as I will.

How about you? Is there something that is on your heart that you have been putting off? Is fear keeping you back from really accomplishing your purpose? God made you amazing, my friend. If He has put something in your heart, trust that He will bless that new thing, and that you are equipped to accomplish it with His grace!

If you have a quiet moment today, please take some time to repeat today’s mantra: I am equipped for every good work God has planned for me.  Fear has no part in my life.

When I am feeling fearful, I like to listen to this song by Zach Williams.  Hope you like it too:

Fear is a Liar



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