Life-Balance Coaching for Working Moms

Power Mornings 21-day Challenge
Oct. 10 - Oct 31

FINALLY, a morning routine a busy woman like you can stick to consistently!

Start the day with more energy and joy,  even if you’re not a morning person.

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4 tasks >> 21 minutes >> 1 powerful habit


What is the Power Mornings Challenge all about?

Most people think that we have to talk to God for hours at a time for Him to hear us or that having a healthy body needs hours at the gym.  Neither are true!

The Power Mornings 21 Day Challenge is here to dispel those myths and to show that prayer can be deep and intimate even if it’s only a few minutes. 

The 21-day Power Mornings Challenge is for the busy woman who wants to make prayer a habit and take small steps to be healthy. This Challenge is designed specifically to get you into prayer and moving your body CONSISTENTLY each day.

You will start each day from a place of energy and joy, rooted by faith and grounded in the truth that you are a woman who prioritizes her faith and her health.

How does the Challenge work?

The Power Mornings 21 Day Challenge involves 4 short activities that you will do every day for 21 days.  Each morning, you will have a 21 minute morning routine.  

Over the course of 21 days you will see how small changes can make a BIG impact on your life.

The activities for each day include:

make bed

Start each day feeling accomplished by making your bed first thing in the morning.

.05 mins


Keeping our bodies hydrated is very important to energize our body and mind.

.05 mins


Spend time in God’s Word praying & journaling  using devotionals & prompts  to renew your spirit. 

10 mins


Short, low-impact exercises for every level to wake up the body  & raise your energy levels.

10 mins

“I wanted to begin building a relationship with God. Thanks to Eva, I did just that and more!”


Why Join The Challenge?

Sure, you can do this challenge on your own.  But you’ve tried doing it on your own before and haven’t made much progress.  The fact that you don’t yet have a morning routine you love is not that you don’t know what to do.  Is that you need momentum.  That’s exactly what you get when you join the Power Morning Challenge.

You get a plan, a community of like-minded women, and you get supported and encouraged!  You will learn how to create a habit you can actually stick to for the long haul.

Most people wait until a specific day on the calendar (hint, hint, New Year’s Day or birthday) or a life-changing event in order to make a change in their lives. 

Maybe that’s you as well.

…..Maybe you really want to make prayer a big part of your life but you can’t seem to be consistent with it….

….Maybe you are stuck in a cycle where each day looks like the one before and you’re ready for a change…

…Maybe you have a morning routine now but it’s become boring and uninspiring…

….Maybe you want to end 2021 feeling renewed and inspired instead of having it feel like every other year

….Maybe you’re looking for a community where you feel seen and encouraged

The good news is, you don’t have to wait for New Year’s Day, or when you feel out of sync to do something amazing for yourself.  You can start right now and in 21 days have a new habit and a new YOU.

Whether you have an established morning routine already or are longing to create one you can stick to for the long haul, the Power Mornings 21-Day Challenge is a powerful way to shake up the routine you have now or to start a new one.

While 21 days is only the beginning, this habit has the potential to impact your life in a positive way for years to come.


…waking up with more energy

…growing an intimate relationship with God everyday

…filling your cup so you can give to those you love

…starting each day with intention, calm and joy

…having a morning routine you love!

What you get in the Challenge?

Too often we start things but never really finish them.  We procrastinate, or talk ourselves out of making small changes that can have a BIG impact on our overall health and well being.  

21-days might sound like a long committment especially since you’re so busy right now but but it’s actually the perfect amount of time to jumpstart a lasting habit.  

Plus, you will not be doing this challenge alone.  You have Eva and a community of women ready to cheer you on and support you. There will be no woman left behind. 

This time can be different!

Here’s what you get….

Prayer Devotionals

Each week for 3 weeks you will receive a fresh prayer journal to use during that week of the challenge.  You’ll know exactly what to pray each day.

Workout Videos

You will have access to short, low-impact workout videos that helps you get centered and energized for the day.   You might even break a sweat. 🙂

Weekly Coaching

Each week we will meet LIVE on Zoom to pray, workout or learn about habit forming and life balance.  Bring your questions and any struggles you are having with the challenge to be supported.

plus access to our members only Facebook group.

Shh, I’ll also have some prizes and surprises!

Your Challenge Guide

Hey there, I’m Eva

I’m a full time working mom of 3, a lover of Jesus, Intentional Life and Habits Coach, and founder of Finding The Joy Within and the Power Mornings Challenge.  

Like you, I have a lot on my plate and it can be challenging figuring out how to do it all.

But here’s a secret, you actually don’t have to do all the things….just the things that truly matter most to you.

For me, that is growing my faith, nurturing my relationships and taking care of my temple – the one body God has given me.

And it all starts with our habits.

The Power Mornings 21 day Challenge is the exact morning routine I use to feel more joyful and energize each day.

My prayer is that after these 21 days you will be more fulfilled, more joyful and more ready to face whatever life throws your way.

See you in the challenge!



Love notes

Eva is the best! She meets each person where they are in their journey of faith.  Also she has so many wonderful practical ideas to share with you. – Katy

Eva is a wonderful mentor and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with women.  She is authentic and generous with her gifts. – Doreth

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for the busy woman who wants to make prayer a habit.  This is for the woman who wants to add more joy to her routine.  This is for the woman of faith who doesn’t have a morning routine and needs one. This is for YOU!


Is this a bible study as well?

We will talk about the Bible verses we are learning, and share during our weekly live.  This study will be more of a conversation in the group so we can learn and grow together!

I have a devotional I love, do I have to use yours?

If you have a devotional you love, that awesome. You can certainly use yours. We will be chatting about the Bible verses in the Challege devotionals which you will get as well.

How do I access the workouts?

All the workouts will be 10 mins or less and will be in our Challenge membership.  You will get a log in and more details on accessing the videos when you register. We will also share the videos in our Private Facebook group.

Why is this not free?

When was the last time you finished a challenge or course you got for free?  Me either.  I believe so much that this Challenge will help you create a morning routine you love that I want you to do the work and make a small (non-refunable) investment to making it happen.  

I am not on social media can I still join?

Of course! The workouts will be in our members area where you can log in and access each day.  We will also meet on Zoom for weekly discussions.  You do not have to be on any social platforms to participate.

I have another question.

Got another question not listed here?  Send me an email at and I’ll get back to you.  

Will I have to wake up early for this Challenge?

Nope. The challenge activities start when you wake up. If you’re normal wake up time is 7am that’s fine, as long as you can set aside 21 minutes to devote to the morning activities in the Challenge as soon as you wake up.