Prayer Coaching

I specialize in helping you pray with confidence and create lasting prayer habits.


What if you thought about prayer as a skill you can learn, grow and develop?

What if through practice you can being a stronger pray-er and discover the blessings of having a devoted prayer life?

Do you feel like you don't know how to pray?

Have you gotten away from prayer and not sure how to get back to it?

Do you long for a deeper relationship with God but feel overwhelmed when you read the Bible?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these, then you might need a PRAYER COACH.

I provide Christian-based resources and tools to START, GROW or NURTURE your prayer life.

Through Prayer Coaching I can help you....

 Pray with confidence.


Identify barriers that are keeping your prayers from being effective.


Create a lasting prayer habit that impacts you and those around you.


Get closer to helping overcoming your limiting beliefs about prayer.

Who I Serve

Let's Start

You’re ready to START your prayer journey. Your faith is still budding and you want to build a solid prayer foundaion but are confused on how to start. You need a roadmap and guidance on what would work best for you to get started.

Advanced Beginner
Let's Reignite

You long to REIGNITE your prayer life but just can’t seem to do it on your own. You know how to pray but you want consistency with prayer or make it part of your natural rhythm.  You need a system that will keep you focused and excited to pray again.

Let's Nurture

You know how to pray,  you know what your spiritual type is and what your favorite prayer methods are.  What you need now is to NURTURE your faith even more and have someone in your corner to pray with you and cheer you on.   You want faith that is resilient and strong.  You truly want to make prayer a way of life and not just a habit.  

About Eva

I want you to be a prayer warrior!

My mission is to help you pray with cofidence and faith that God sees, hears and loves you.

I have spent the past few years learning all I can about prayer.  Prayer has always been an intregal part of my life and I have gone through the ups and downs just like you have.

No matter what season of your life you are in right now, there has never been a better time to get to know God, spend time with Him and lean into His power, peace and joy.

In a hurting world, I want to help Christian women to shine brightly to others, so that we may bring His joy to those around us.  

Just like you I had limiting beliefs around prayer.  I wondered if I was saying the right things, and if I was doing it correctly.

Through a lot of inner work and reliance on the Holy Spirit, I developed my own prayer practice that leaves me feeling refreshed, and joyful each day.

I want the same for you.  I want you to be a prayer warrior for yourself, your dreams, your family, and your future.  You are a child of God – it’s time for you to start praying like one!

A day without prayer, is a day without blessing, a life without prayer is a life without power.