Summer Reads to Increase Your Faith

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Summer Reads to Increase Your Faith

Now that summer is here, we are all hunting down a great beach read.  A book that we can dive into and get lost in.  A book that will perhaps distract us from the endless tasks that needs our attention.

A book with mystery, romance, suspense and good old fashion gossip.

The books I want to share with you is not that book.

Now that summer is here, can I challenge you to read something else?  To use this time when the weather is perfect, when the kids are not as busy and you are not as frazzled, to enjoy something that will restore your spirit as well as your mind?

As far as I can remember I have enjoyed reading.  My parents are retired but were both teachers, so I’m sure I got my love of learning from them.  My taste in books have changed during the different seasons of my life.  In my teen, I loved poems and even wrote a few myself.  I love Maya Angelou and her strength inspired me greatly.

Recently, as I get older, I find myself really enjoying books that not only entertain me but also help along my personal and spiritual growth.

Books that make me pause while I’m reading them and think.

If you are looking for inspiration in your faith journey, or help in creating a prayer routine and develop a  closer relationship with God these books are for you.  There are so many great books online about building faith out there and these are only a short list of my favorites.

I chose these books because I thought they would be the most helpful to you. Each one has changed my perspective and fueled my spiritual and personal growth.  I hope you will enjoy them and give them a try as well.

The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer – Can I tell you how much I absolutely love this book? It truly is one of my all time favorites.  It sits next to my bed and I reach for it constantly for reassurance and ideas.

This is not a beach read and by that I don’t mean that its a hard read at all.

I mean, this is the kind of book that makes you pause while you’re reading it to reflect on your own life and how it applies to your situation.

The Resolution for Women is a no-nonsense declaration of who you are as a women and the important and vital role you play in your family.

Priscilla is like that friend you wish you had, who tells you that your butt actually does look big in that outfit. Or that its way past time for a pedicure.

In a kind, funny and honest way, Priscilla challenges us women to walk in faith during our mothering, to know that God is with us, teaching us during every season of our lives and to embrace the chaos, joy and uncertainty that is motherhood and family.

This book has helped me to be a better mom and a better wife. I honestly look at my children and my husband differently after reading this book.  It makes me more conscious of the mother I am and makes me think about the kind of faith legacy I want to leave my children.

I am more thoughtful and forgiving after reading this book.

I love that it has excersize at the end of each chapter and a place where you sign your name saying you resolve to do whatever the chapter covers.

If you are looking for inspiration to jump start your faith journey or if you just looking for something to help you along in your role as wife and mother this is a must read.

But be warned, your life and perspective will change for the better after reading this book.  It is that amazing.

Side note:  There is also a Resolution for Men that I plan to give to my husband for his birthday.  I’ll update you after he’s read it.


The Battle Plan for Prayer – I would wholeheartedly recommend this companion book The Battle Plan for Prayer.  Have you seen the movie the War Room? This book is a wonderful and effective resource for figuring out how to pray, what prayer is and what it isn’t and so much more.  It really changed my prayer life and I know it could change yours as well.  

To be honest, we all have times when we struggle with prayer.  Do prayers really work?  The book is a great beginner guide for those who are seeking to understand prayer and to develop a strong prayer life.  This books has really helped to strengthen my prayer life and reinforces for me just how special and important prayer really is.

I really encourage you to check this one out, especially if you’re looking for ways to increase your faith and deepen your prayer life.  You will love this book!


To Heaven and Back by Dr. Mary Neal – A friend of mind gave me this book and I have shared it with many others since reading it.  It is a true story of Dr. Neal an orthopedic surgeon, and her near death experience during a kayaking accident.

It is a powerful and moving recollection of Dr. Neal’s death, her journey to heaven and her conversation with Jesus.  After dying and returning to earth, she had to adjust to being back in her body and back with her family.

For some people it might seem a little far fetch and Dr. Neal spends a great deal of time explaining why her experience was not a chemical response of her brain to lack of oxygen.  To be truthful, I totally skimmed these parts.

I know God is real.  I know that heaven is real and I believe everything in this book.  She caught me, hook, line and sinker as my grandpa use to say.

This book has made me not afraid of dying.  It is beautiful, powerful and comforting.  It is a fast and amazing read that will have a huge impact on your life.

Of course, its safe to say that the most important book to read to increase your faith is the Bible.  If you are like me the Bible can seem so intimidating.  Where do you start?  How do you read it?

As silly as those questions might sound, they are legitimate for those who are just starting on their faith journey.

I am challenging myself over the new few weeks, and months to read the Bible everyday.  I want to be able to call on its wisdom in time of challenges and teach it to my children as well.

We’re all different in the way we learn and grow, but I have decided to start at the very beginning – the Book of Genesis.  I use post it notes to jot down thoughts that come up as I read.  I have to say, I am really enjoy it.

The Bible definitely comes alive when you’re reading it with an open heart and a firm belief that it is the word of God.

In order to help me become more familiar with my Bible, I purchased these awesome golden tabs.  They have changed my relationship with my Bible! They have given me more confidence in my learning and I feel like a ‘Bible pro’ when I can easily find a Book or a favorite verse.

There have been times when I’m on Pinterest and I see a Bible verse that I would like to read on my own.  I can so easily find it now, thanks to these tabs.   I love the gold edges which gives the Bible that special touch and emphasizes how important it is to all of us.

If you are thinking of starting your Bible journey, please get these tabs, especially if you, like me, have a hard time finding a passage in the Bible.


I wish you peace, and joy and I pray that the kids will give you time and space to read these books.  Remember joy is already within you!




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4 thoughts on “Summer Reads to Increase Your Faith

  1. This is great! I might add that first book you mentioned to my list. I recently bought a new Bible that I love because it has wide margins with lines to jot down notes. I found I am more apt to engage with the text if I can write down quick notes.

    1. Its a really great book. I think you will enjoy it a a lot.
      I need a wide margin Bible. I’ve been highlighting and using post-it notes in mine. Which one did you end up getting?

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