Sunday Run-Day

I am currently training for a 10-miler that I hope to run at the end of July.  I joined an all-women running group to train and gain some much needed motivation.  Last year, I finished my first ever half marathon. I left that race with a cool medal that hangs next to my bed, as well the beginning of what my doctor affectionately calls ‘runner’s knee’. A few months after completing the half I joined the running group again but had to quit two runs into training because of my knee.

So here we are again and I am determined to finish this race AND strengthen my knee at the same time.  I’ve been stretching more, and increase my intake of celery to fight any inflammation.  I try to have a green smoothie every day filled with spinach, celery, cilantro, parsley, broccoli, protein mix, turmeric and a dash of black pepper – yum!

Each Sunday leading up to the race, I will share how my training runs are going as well as my time and thoughts.  I hope you it will put a smile on your face as you read through.  Thanks for checking it out.

I can do ALL things through Him who strengthens me!

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