How To Use The Powerful Armor of God + FREE Printable

If you feel like things are coming at you from all sides, it is time to suit up and use the powerful Armor of God.  Let’s find out what it is, what it’s made up of and why you need it.

Does it sometimes feel like you’re in a battle?  Like it’s just one thing after the other going wrong.

First the washer breaks in the middle of a large load, then the bank calls that your account is in overdraft again and oh, here comes an unexpected bill from the insurance company.

Or perhaps, it’s the job search that does not seem to be productive, the tension at home or dryness in your spiritual life.

Could it be that you are battling a health issue, difficulties in your marriage, hardship in your parenting or stress at work?

Whatever it is that you are currently facing, it can be scary, exhausting and deflating.

Trust me, I have been there too and I know how it feels.

There have been times when my husband and I don’t see eye to eye…on anything. When the kids are loud and unruly, that coworker seems to have it out for me and there’s betrayal in close friendships.


These are the times we must remember to put on the Armor of God!

“For we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers of this dark age.” Ephesians 6:11

Just like God is the giver of joy, there is one who comes and tries to steal it.

Just like God is the giver of joy, there is one who comes and tries to steal it. Click To Tweet

Unfortunately, this spiritual force does not appear in a red, skin-tight suit with horns and a pitchfork like we see on TV. All of us would be able to spot him a mile away.

Instead, he shows up in more subtle forms. In forms that we might not recognize.

When you and your spouse get into a heated argument…your spouse is not the enemy.

When the kids are making unwise decisions and straying from your teachings….your children are not the enemy.

When your boss is being unreasonable and just seems to want to ruin your day…he or she is not the enemy.

Do not give in!

Your enemy is the one who is trying to steal your joy, to prevent you from living the life God has called you to live.


Thankfully in Ephesians 6, Paul tells us what we must do to be battle ready. We must put on the Armor of God.

I don’t know about you but sometimes (um, always) I forget what the Armor of God is all about.  There are 6 pieces of armor:Armor of God Download

  1. Breastplate of Righteousness
  2. Belt of Truth tight around your waist
  3. Helmet of Salvation
  4. Shield of Faith
  5. Sword of the Word of God
  6. Shoes of the Knowledge of God

In other words, we must ‘wear’ God.  In order to stand firm, you and I must be fully clothed in everything that is of Him.

Additionally, we must be committed to being and doing what is right and pleasing to Him.  Are you paying attention to the things that steal your joy or to the things that consumes you?   Are they things that are righteous and truthful?

Honestly, as a Catholic I did not study the Bible until recently.  I once thought that as long as I pray and follow God’s commandments that I was all set.

I have now learned though that it is essential that we learn the Word of God so that we can deepen our faith and and carry His message of love, grace and forgiveness to those we love.

“For Your word is a light to feet and a lamp to my path”

We need every piece of this armor and Paul gives us further instructions to do “all these in prayer”.  In other words, prayer is the cord that binds all this armor together.

If not for prayer, they would not be able to stay on you.  This is why we should pray always, and without ceasing. 


I’ve created this beautiful printable just for you. It includes: 

  • The quote from Paul to remind us of what we should do,
  • Plus prayers for each piece of the armor.
  • Full page colorful poster for you to print and put next to your bed or in your Bible so you’ll never forget what you need to be fully clothed. 

Print one for yourself, give one to your child and to all those you love.  Cover them in the Armor of God.

What is your favorite piece of God’s Armor and which piece do you need to work more on?

Download here!




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