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What Is A Sacred Space and Why Do You Need One? A Guide To Easily Creating Your Own Portable Altar

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We all deserve a space in our home where we can retreat to and feel peaceful.  But sometimes we cannot designated an entire spot for a sacred space.  That is my I created a sacred tray instead; it’s portable so even my kids can use it (with permission of course) and it helps me connect quickly with God.  If you do not yet have a ‘sacred space’, I highly recommend that you think about carving out a space where you can connect with God and the Holy Spirit.  Here are my favorite essentials to include in your sacred tray.

Our homes  and our families are very special to God.  It is a place we live, laugh, cry and weather the storms of everyday life.  A place we can nurture and minister to those we love the most.

I’ve always wanted my home to be not only tidy and inviting but also to feel peaceful and calm.  I longed to have a designated spot that I carve out for the sole purpose of prayer and connecting with my maker.

Truthfully, I could not find a special place that I could designate as an altar without someone bumping into it or it being in the way.

So I did the next best thing.  Instead of having a designated space, I decided to create a sacred ‘tray’ that I can take with me to the living room or to the kids room or wherever is quiet to pray.


I usually keep this tray next to my bed so I can pray there when I get home from work and need to recenter myself.  I can also grab it and take it with me to the living room if my hubby wants to go to bed and I want to pray.  Creating a sacred tray is very easy.   Here are some important qualities of a sacred space.

  • It should be calm and comfortable
  • It should be in a place that is easily accessible without it being in the way
  • It should have things that have meaning to you



Thankfully you do not need a lot of supplies to get this started.  You can essentially use whatever you already use for your prayer time.

Here are essentials that I think you should incorporate into any sacred space you create.

  1. Bible – I find these tabs to be so helpful in navigating the Bible, especially if you are just learning the Bible.
  2. Journal – to write down all the whispers you hear from God.
  3. Soothing candle – This is the first thing I start with.  As soon as I light the candle it shifts my mindset and reminds me that I am in the presence of God.  I suggest you decide what your signal will be so that your mind can connect that action with prayer.
  4. Noise cancelling headphones – the joys of living in a smaller house is that we are all near each other but it can be challenging when you are trying to find a quiet spot to pray.  I use these noise cancelling headphones, especially during my evening prayer.  The kids love to listen to their podcasts when going to bed and sometimes my hubby wants to watch t.v. as well.  I just pop these on and it’s calm and quiet in my world.
  5. Frankincense essential oils – My favorite is from Young Living and I had a little on my forehead before prayer.  It’s very strong so a little goes a long way.
  6. Rosary bead and Divine Mercy picture.
  7. A mantra – you can create your own and use whatever words brings you calm and peace.  I use the name of Jesus as my mantra.  I usually inhale deeply and repeat the name of “Jesus” on the exhale.

I pray that you will try this today and see how it helps you develop in prayer.  Know that God sees every effort we make to draw close to Him and I believe He will meet us in the midst of our mess and imperfections.

We don’t have to do it all perfectly, we just have to try.




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