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When You Feel Like You’re Failing…

Do you feel like you are failing sometimes?  Like nothing you do turns out the way it’s suppose to and you are to blame?  First, know that we have all been there.  You are not alone.  I too have felt this way in the past until I heard two words that gave me hope.

I am not sure what woke me up the other day but I remember glancing at the clock and seeing that it was 3:20 am. I needed sleep but something had woken me up.  Then I remembered what it was – a bad dream.

Someone was saying some things to me.

You’re actually not a good mom you know, the kids don’t even get excited when you come home anymore.

Did you notice that they all got into the car with your husband, instead of going with you after the game?

You yell at them too much, that’s why they don’t like to be around you.

Such awful things.

First came the intense guilt. Maybe it is true that I’m too hard on them; that they don’t like to be around me.

Then came the tears.

“Oh God,” I quietly sobbed, “what if I am a bad mom? What if they don’t love me?”

God was right there in that moment with me, my friend. Just like He is in your moments. It was like He was waiting for me to call out to Him.  And I am so glad I did.

I instantly heard Him say….

 No, it is not true. You are a great mom. People say all the time how wonderful your kids are, so polite and kind. You did that. Your prayers are doing that.

Me: But am I too strict with them? I want to be better.

GOD: Well, you can start today. I’m always with you.  Start today.

Me: Okay, God. I’ll start today.

I dried up my tears, smiled and felt such hope and peace wash over me.  It’s not too late to be the mom I want to be.  And it’s not to late for you either to be the person you are created to be.

In that moment, He protected me and helped me see the truth.


Then He gave me the gift of hope.  And I want to pass along that same gift to you.

If you’ve ever felt this way, overwhelmed, defeated and surrounded by negative thoughts, and especially of your own doing, I wanted to show up here and tell you that it is not true.

You are strong, amazing and so loved by Him.

Call out to Him. Pray and ask Him to help you. Ask forgiveness from those who you may have hurt.

And then, START TODAY.

  • If you want to be a better mom, start today
  • If you want to be a better wife, start today.
  • If you’re not the friend, daughter, co-worker, you know you can be, then friend all is not lost. Just start today.
  • If your life is not how you think it should be at this point in time, take one small step today towards making it what you want it to be. Just start today.

Stop beating yourself up for your shortcomings! I mean, how lucky are we that God gives us hope of a new day?

Rejoice in your shortcomings because God can use it for His glory. Imagine telling everyone how you were one way and then God helped you to becoming something different, someone better.

How joyful will that be not just for you but for the people who hear your testament of God’s power.

He gives us hope to be the people He calls us to be. His children of strength, power and love.

Remember that we are not doing this life on our own. We have Him to lean on.

Don’t let any negative thoughts control you, dictate your worth or steal your joy!



I know what you’re thinking, “That’s nice that God said that to you but He doesn’t say things like that to me.”

I’ve thought the same thing when I hear or read of other people’s amazing stories of their encounters will the One.

It’s easy to feel unworthy of His presence or think that He is too busy helping other people that He couldn’t possibly have time for little old you.

But you are wrong. (And I say this with love)

He loves you so much and wants nothing more than to be in relationship with you.  To be able to communicate with you.  And to spend time with you.

I believe that God is working always in our favor.  That right now, this very moment as you read these words, He is seeking you, just as you are seeking Him.

He wants your heart and your love and went so far as to sacrificed His only Son for YOU!


This week, I challenge you to think of one thing you can do for yourself or for others to be a better version of yourself.

You’re already amazing, I know that. But can you be amazing-er (that’s not an actual word but maybe it should be ;))

Can you carve out just a few minutes in your day or week to spend time quietly with Him? Time for you to get to know this amazing, powerful, all-mighty who wants to be in community with you?

God already loves you and knows you.  Through prayer you can love Him more and come to hear Him in your life.

If you haven’t heard it today, know that I love you and am praying for you always.



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