12-weeks to calm the chaos and create a home + life you love, even if you feel pulled in every direction 


But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. – Matthew 6:33

As a busy working mom, there never seems to be enough time.

Not enough time to enjoy your family, plus take care of your home, plus grow your faith, plus, plus, plus.

How are you suppose to do it all? 

And more importantly, how do you do it, without neglecting the other part of your life that are important to you?

It’s like you always have to choose which fire is more pressing between all your important roles….

I mean some weeks you have the laundry pile finally under control but you have no idea what you’re making for dinner.

You are doing well at work and meeting all your deadlines, but you haven’t spent time with the kids in a long time.

You may schedule a date night with the hubby here or there but there is no consistency in your communication.

You spend the day constantly feeling behind, being pulled in so many directions and jumping from one half-finished task to another but never catching up.    

The day ends with you flopping into bed feeling exhausted and defeated only to wake up and do it all over again.

We may long to be like the Proverbs 31 Woman but how does she do it?


It’s not like you haven’t tried…

In fact, you’ve tried a lot; bought the pretty planners, downloaded time management apps, and even bought a course or two.

But instead of feeling calm, peaceful and in control, you feel defeated, exhausted and right back where you started.

You just want to find a way to do the things that are important to you and get busy doing those.

But at this point, you’re not even sure what those things are.

You’re not asking for the impossible here.   You just want….

 ** A well managed home you love **

  ** A strong marriage where you communicate well **

 ** To be present with your kids **

 ** To grow your relationship with God ** 

 ** To take care of yourself **

You need a unique, customized plan that fits your family’s needs and finally calm the chaos around you. 

There has to be a way…



Imagine if…

Sounds Impossible?

Not with GOD and the Balanced On Purpose (BOP) Formula

"Eva’s coaching was truly helpful. She asked thought-provoking, useful questions and gave wise, humble encouragement that helped me see beyond the immediate struggles to what lay beneath. I came out with much more clarity and feeling encouraged in my life and ministry. I highly recommend taking some time with Eva!. "
C. Thomas
mom of 2

The Balanced On Purpose Formula


In order to become the woman you want to be for yourself and your family we put God first. This is where the tranformational journey starts.

Vision + Direction

We get clear on where you are now, and where God wants you to be. We map out a 90-day, 30-day, daily plan on exactly how to get there without overwhelm.

Highest Priorities

Not everything is a priority. Using the "Goals+Roles" framework, we will map out the priorities you should focus on right now so you can go from where you are to where God wants you to be.

Rhythms + Routines

This is where the fun continues with rhythms and routines to help you implement your plan with ease. Learn how to incorporate simple habits into your everyday.


Set yourself up for success by creating an environment that promotes your physical, mental and spiritual growth. We will create a space that moves us closer to our goal.


Making changes takes time and at some point you may face obstacles either from yourself or others. During this phase you will learn crucial skills to handle obstacles so you make your new rhythms a lifestyle.

The truth is, God cares about both your home life and your work life.  And so you are divinely designed to thrive in both. 

“The Lord directs the steps of the godly.  He delights in every detail of their lives.” PSalm 37:23

But too often we get in our own way, set up obstacles that leave us overwhelmed and get distracted from the things that truly matter.  

It’s time to start priotitizing the moments that are important and enjoy a life with less overwhelm and more ease. 

The Balanced On Purpose (BOP) Formula was created for working moms by a working mom

As an HR professional, my role has taught me how to  to juggle multiple schedules and needs in order to move an organization towards its goals.

I bring this same level of detail and skills to help my coaching clients create rhythms and routines for a calm and efficient environment at home.  

But I didn’t start out this way.  When I went back to work full time after being a stay-at-home mom for 8 years, I had a bad case of the ‘overs’.  

I suddenly found myself overwhelmed, overscheduled and over it all.

I was drowing in to-do’s, and couldn’t see a way out.

My kids were acting out and unhappy, my husband and I were bickering constantly and I was yelling all. the. time. 



It all hit me one March day, when I literally drove my car out of gas.


It took this embarrassing incident to make me see that I was just too busy.  Too frazzled.  Too distracted.  And things needed to change.  I could no longer run my life on autopilot waiting for things to get better.  

I had to take control of my schedule, my time and my home.

My first step was prioritizing my time with God.  I dove into my bible and started studying scripture on how to steward my time well. 

I also leaned into my HR training which gave me some practical  time-management and people-management tools that I can implement.

After months of trial and errors, I realized the key I was looking for was found in balancing my work and my work and everything in between.

Slowly I found my rhythm and became a mom and wife who was Balanced On Purpose.   You can say I started BOP-ing my life. 

And the results have been lifechanging.  I am happy to say I am no longer yelling at my kids. (yay!)

I consistently spend time in prayer growing my faith….

and my home and everything that it involves no longer overwhelms me.  

Most importantly I love spending with time my husband, nurturing our marriage and no longer feel like I’m missing out on making life-long memories with my kids.


My mission is to help other working moms to reclaim their time, grow their faith and design rhythms and routines so they can love their home and life. 

The BOP(tm) Coaching Program is the method that will get you there.

So who are you ready balance your work + worship as well as your heart + home?

"Eva is the best! She meets each person where they are in their journey. Also she has so many practical ideas to share with you."
K. Dos Santos
mom of 3

what’s inside the balanced on purpose (BOP) coaching Program?

12-weeks to a home + life you love

HERE'S what we do

Balance Your Faith

Learn how seek God’s first with simple daily habits

Scritpure verses to reinforce our actions

Prayer and Bible reading plan each month

My favorite devotionals


Balance Yourself

Healthy thought-life

Self Retreat

Routines to simplify your day

Joy in your work and finding your gifts

Confident in who you are

Balance Your Home

Cleaning rhythms

Meal planning

Laundry rhythms

Family systems and delegation


Balance Your Family

Family mission statement

Family Prayer + Pledge

Pray for your children 

Family rhythms

Faith and your kids

Balance Your Marriage

Connect with your spouse

Pray for your marriage

Rhythms of communication

Couples pledge

Renewing your connection


Private Facebook community

Monthly Prayer and Produtivity workshops

Templates, worksheets and planning sheets

Service to others


It’s time to go….

from busy –> to balanced

from frazzled –> To Focused

from chaos –> to peace and calm

from overwhelmed by your home   –> to feeling in control 

and from depleted –>to filling your cup

No more second guessing

No more going it alone.

working moms

So are you ready to go from constantly being busy to… being BALANCED ON PURPOSE?

The question is not can you afford the investment…


But rather, can you really afford to wait any longer?

You also get immediate access to these BONUSES!


Finding Joy In The Wilderness of Overwhelm Masterclass - A 6-module masterclass on how God can use the season of overwhelm to prepare us for something better


Sacred Self-Care Workbook - When we are stressed and overwhelmed the first thing that goes by the way side is our self care. This workbook will help you incorporate simple self-care and rest into your day.


Gratitude Mastery - Practicing gratitude might seem like a small thing but its such an important part of feeling calm when things around you are chaotic.



Balanced On Purpose (Payment Plan)

12 - 1:1 45-minute Zoom calls with me to set you up for balanced success (Value - $1,200)

Access to my Balanced Method Framework (Value:$997)

Balance Your Faith (Value: $497)

Balance Your Relationships (Value: $497)

Balance Your Home (Value: $497)

Balance Yourself (Value: $497)

Voxer and Email support from me during our coaching period. (Value: $900)

Three Exclusive Bonuses (Value: $300)

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions (Value: $397)

Private Members-only Facebook Group (Priceless)

Access to workbooks, templates and planning sheets (Value: $297)

Total value $5,579

YOUR INVESTMENT: $555 per month for 6 months (INTRODUCTORY OFFER)

Balanced On Purpose (One Time Payment)

12 - 1:1 45-minute Zoom calls with me to set you up for balanced success (Value - $1,200)

Access to my Balanced Method Framework (Value:$997)

Balance Your Faith (Value: $197)

Balance Your Relationships (Value: $197)

Balance Your Home (Value: $197)

Balance Yourself (Value: $197)

Voxer and Email support from me during our coaching period. (Value: $600)

Three Exclusive Bonuses (Value: $300)

Monthly Group Coaching Sessions (Value: 397)

Private Members-only Facebook Group (Priceless)

Access to workbooks, templates and planning sheets (Value: $297)

Total value $5,579


I believe so much that  Balanced On Purpose (BOP) will help you create a life and home you love, that if after our first 3 sessions you do not see any changes in yourself or your home, you can request your money back and receive a full refund of what you have already paid. 

No questions asked. 


Most frequent questions and answers

The Balanced On Purpose Formula is not a productivity tool but rather a 1:1 6 month program where you and I work together each week to create the best plans that work for you and your family.

I know you have a lot on your plate and its overwhelming.  The good news is that the Balanced On Purpose program is designed for the busy working mom.  The time you take in the program will give you even more time back once you have your rhythms and routines in place.

No way! Balanced On Purpose is the opposite of rigid.  In the program you get to design a schedule, routines and plan that works for your unique family.  Customized to you and your family during this season.

We start as soon as you are ready.  Once you apply and schedule your Simplici-Tea call we can see if we are a good fit to work with each other.  After you process your payment, we will schedule your first session and get started on helping you fall in love with your home and life again!

I am so confident the Balanced On Purpose will work for you that I offer a Happiness Guarantee.  If after 3 sessions of working together you do not feel more capable of managing your home and see improvement in your family, I will give you a full refund of what you have paid.  No questions asked.

Great.  Send me an email to and I’ll get back to you.  You can also message me on Facebook or DM me on Instagram.

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