You Can Do Great Things – Believe In Who You Are!

Is there something that is stealing your joy and causing you to doubt who you truly are?  You are not alone, faith is a daily choice but God has equipped us with all we need to overcome any challenge and to do it with grace and joy.

I went to a friend’s house recently and she had a dog – a puppy really – who was only a year old.

I believe he was a Portuguese water dog but he was afraid of the water. He had never been in a pool or ocean to swim.

When they tried to put him in the pool, he would have none of it. As my friend said, “he hasn’t read his owner’s manual.”

We all laughed. But it had me thinking about my own self.  “Have I read my owner’s manual? 

Here was this dog, who by nature is an excellent swimmer, who had webbing on his paws for the sole purpose of treading water, and yet he had never been in water. He had no idea what he was capable of; no idea what he is made of.

So my question to you today is this – Do you know who you are?

Do you know what you are capable of as a child of God, as a daughter of the King?

Have you read your owner’s manual?

We are so blessed that we have an owner’s manual – it is God’s Word. It is His love letter and instruction manual for us. If you feel stuck about what to read, grab the Bible Reading Plan and get started.

You might just discover that the thing you are afraid – that ‘water‘ that scares you is exactly what you are created to face.

You already have the ‘webbing’ you need to overcome this challenge and that you were meant to glide, float above, and power through the difficulty.

What’s even more joyous is that the One who made you in His own image and likeness will give you all you need to overcome.  He is with you, right now.

You already have the power, grace, and fortitude to get through it. Will it be easy? Probably not!

Will you still be afraid? Naturally.

But keep reminding yourself that you are a Child of God, you were created for greatness. His power is within you!

Dear Lord, thank you for your Word and for the comfort and guidance it gives me.  Help me to love your Word and yearn to spend time reading and learning more.  Show me who I really am and give me the courage to live the life you have called me to live, without fear and with complete trust in your Divine protection and presence.  In Jesus’ Name I pray.  Amen.  Eeta-ra-la!

I hope this encourages you. Tell me, what is the proverbial ‘water‘ that is stealing your joy?

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